The Sunday Seven meme begins this weekend!  You can go to our very own SUNDAY SEVEN blog where you will leave the URL of your Sunday Seven each weekend.  All of us Sunday Seveners will visit each other and support each other in giving thanks each weekend.

Within a few days we’ll have graphics for you to use with your Sunday Seven each week. We’ll get a blogroll going, too. Give us a couple weeks to get everything in place. In the meantime, though, join in the fun with this week’s SUNDAY SEVEN and visit the other Sunday Seveners.

The purpose of SUNDAY SEVEN is to write about seven things we’re thankful for each week. It will help us to be aware of the positive things in our lives, and it will help us to share those positive things with each other.

So here is my first SUNDAY SEVEN

7 Things I’m Thankful for this week
(1) That progress on our house is going so smoothly. I still get goose bumps just driving up the driveway and seeing the house – just a few weeks ago, there was nothing but woods there.

(2) That we finished figuring out the window order for our new house. Who would have guessed that ordering windows would be such a major ordeal?

(3) That I had TWO DAYS off work because of snow this pas week. I LOVE snow days!

(4) That so far I’ve managed to not get the flu – despite not getting a shot this year and despite the fact that lots of kids at school have had it.

(5) That I just finished walking the trail that RT made through part of the land.

(6) That our son came over and asked me to make him something to eat because he was STARVING!  And I was able to fix him some sandwiches and he ate a couple of clementines, too. 

(7) That RT and I will eat dinner with our daughter, son-in-law and the two grandgirls in just thirty minutes.  We’re meeting at the sushi place I wrote about a couple weeks ago.

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    Good idea. I will have to check how to add mine.

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