Apparently Mary Winkler has not been shamed into quietly fading into the background as she awaits her trial.

According to a Memphis area TV story,  she has been partying it up at a local bar:

Mary Winkler – The Secret Pictures

Feb 2, 2007 08:28 AM CST

Since August, Mary Winkler has lived and worked in McMinnville, Tennessee.

That’s four hours away from the Selmer home where prosecutors say she shot and killed her husband Matthew last March.

We went there to see how Mary Winkler spends her days.

While there we were approached by a man who offered us cell phone pictures of Winkler that – he said -show how she spent her nights.

Many say it’s behavior unbecoming of a preacher’s wife.

For months, Mary Winkler has lived the life of the accused.

She’s out on bond, working at a local dry cleaners.

It’s just one way Winkler bides time while waiting for judgment on charges she killed her preacher husband with a shotgun blast to the back last March.

But working at Cleaners Express isn’t the only way Winkler stays busy.

Click HERE to see the video for yourself.  I couldn’t get it to work here at TMS.

In the pictures featured above, you can see her bellied up to a bar, cigarette in hand and a bottle of beer in front of her.

She’s seated on the left, next to the blonde. Picture after picture shows the same thing.Luis Correa says he was shocked when he saw Winkler sitting across the bar from him and his wife.

He took the photos with his cell phone and shared them exclusively with Action News 5. “She was, you know, having a good time, with everybody in the bar,” he told us.

It’s a far cry from the meek widow we saw protected by her attorneys the day she bonded out of jail in McNairy County.

Winkler’s been living and working in McMinnville ever since.

It’s part of her pre-trial supervision and apparently it’s not all work and no play.

“I think perhaps, maybe, she exercised some poor judgment,” said Correa’s wife Libby St. John, who recognized Winkler at the bar because she’d seen her on the front page of the paper the very same day.

It was New Year’s Eve and McMinnville’s most popular downtown hangout had a special guest.

“She was smoking and drinking and appeared to be pretty light-hearted,” she said.

The couple left the bar around two o’clock on New Year’s morning and – they say – Mary Winkler was still seated at the bar, smoking and drinking.

“I would be too upset about being separated from my children–that sort of thing–to be able to go out and celebrate in such a fashion,” said Libby St. John, who adds the encounter has given her second thoughts about the woman she once pitied.

“I think it’s important for other people to see who they’re supporting.”

Members at McMinnville’s Central Church of Christ have given Winkler money while she awaits trial.

The editor of McMinnville’s Southern Standard says others have given Winkler gifts and jewelry. “People seemed to have opened their arms to her, for whatever reason,” said James Clark.

Luis Correa believes his cell phone pictures may change things. “I don’t know if the people in the congregation still support her–but they got to know where they spend their money.”

On this night – witnesses say – it was at a bar near McMinnville’s town square.

We paid Luis Correa for his cell phone pictures, just as we would any other amateur photographer.

The owner of the New York Grill, where those pictures were taken, tells us Winkler has had drinks at the bar three of four times over the past few months.

A patron told us Mary Winkler celebrated her birthday there.

Winkler did sign a pre-trial supervision order, agreeing not to drink alcohol in excess or to enter an establishment that primarily sells alcoholic beverages. You can read it here.

The New York Grill is licensed as a restaurant and Winkler’s probation officer says it doesn’t appear she broke any rules of supervision.

Mary Winkler is the only person who knows the whole story of what happened last March when she killed her husband. Maybe she’s trying to enjoy her last few weeks of freedom, or maybe she just got tired of staying at home.  But going out drinking and smoking is sure not going to help her win over potential jurors.  And even if she hasn’t broken any rules of supervision, it’s not a very smart thing for her to do.  But then, killing her husband wasn’t a smart thing to do either.

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10 Responses to “Mary Winkler – out partying, smoking and drinking?”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Carol, I found your blog via “Collecting My Thoughts.” I live in Georgia, I am a middle sib (one older brother, one younger), and I remember madras! I’ve been ot Anchorage Alaska! I love your blog.

    About that story: Poor judgement indeed.

    Kind of like the woman down here who murdered her policeman husband, called in sick so she could drive the body to SC and dump it in a lake, then not report him missing until she went to pick up his paycheck. Very poor judgement.

    TMS: Thanks for stopping by, Deborah. We have several things in common! And I’m originally from Georgia, too – born and raised! Sounds like there’s plenty of poor judgment to go around! You’d think a policeman’s wife would know better!

  2. Jane Says:

    I looked at the pictures and they are rather grainy and I can’t really tell if it is her. But if it is, she exercised VERY poor judgment. You would think she would know better or at least go to another town to party!

    TMS: I don’t expect her to be a hermit. However, she is about to be on trial for murdering her husband and the father of her children. Her children are being raised now by her inlaws. It just doesn’t exhibit maturity/smarts to be out in bars drinking and smoking. Like it or not, her character is on trial.

  3. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    What’s Everybody Talking About…

    Just looking around to see what people are blogging about …..
    Hyscience tells us the story of an Iraqi policeman who sacrifices himself to keep a homicide bomber from killing others.

    Too many politicians in Washington, both Democrat and Republic…

  4. Joy Says:

    Gee, isn’t it interesting that now that Matthew is dead, she is free to pursue partying in a bar, drinking and smoking. I know that the Winkler family never have and never will do such things.

    Was she the abused waif her family claims? I don’t know of one single bruise on her body when she was picked up by the police. And I’m sure if there WERE any, Farese would be playing that up big time in the media. Any hospital records of abuse? None that we know of yet. Her kids were old enough to be able to talk about any abuse to teachers etc. Did they? Not that I know of. Did she ever tell anyone of abuse? It’s interesting that her family, who have a vested interest in defending her, are the only ones I’ve heard saying this stuff.

    This latest stunt of hers not only shows bad judgement, it’s the icing on the cake. It’s directly oppositional to everything that Matthew stood for, and I think it attempts to make a mockery of his death.

    I think she aught to be convicted. I think she aught to spend the rest of her natural life in prison. She took a man’s life, and I think should pay with the rest of hers. He’ll never get parole, why should she?

    I hope she repents and makes it right with God in her lifetime. But repenting doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t face the legal consequences of her actions.

  5. carol Says:

    if i was her i,d be worrying bout my trial and my children instead of the bars if she was drinking it shows how little she cares bout everything around her ,i agree if she was abused so bad where were
    the bruises i think its still harsh what she did no matter what she did she needs be punish for that crime noone deserves be murder no matter what the case is
    carol montana

  6. Jean Says:

    Those pictures are proof of nothing. If you have not walked in a person’s shoes, how can you make a judgment as a result of unclear pictures?

    It is the jury’s job to look at the evidence which will be presented and make a judgment—not ones who have nothing but blurry pictures to look at. Allow the system to work.

    Believe me, you do not want to go through abuse which shows no physical bruises. People who have no idea of the damage it does talk like you guys are talking. That is bad judgment on your part. I guess that is why you can so clearly recognize her bad judgment.

    TMS: Get off your high horse, Jean. I certainly know about abuse that shows no physical bruises. That’s what my original post on this topic last March was about. No one is interfering with the work of the system. We’re merely making observations and comments.

  7. Jean Says:

    So, where is your compassion for this woman and what she possibly went through to get to the place of doing what she did if you know of abuse that shows no physical bruises?

    And, all of us have moments where we change the words of someone else to we’re “merely” doing something else. It is amazing how the words are parallel in meaning, and we feel justified. One of my favorites is, “Oh, I’m not worried, I am just concerned.”

    I wonder what might happen, though, if we all tried our best to see things through Mary’s eyes and feelings, and defended her for taking a “break” from the pain. I may be wrong–she may be so full of evil that she deserves no compassion. But, I still have compassion for her and all who have been affected by what she has done. I choose not be a part of her consequences. There are enough of them without my contributing to them.

    Thank you for your response. I am sure you are truly an understanding person due to your own experience.

    TMS: Wow! You really HAVEN’T read any of my other postings on this topic.

  8. Mary Says:

    I am just dumbfounded. Let the system work, but also remember Matthew isn’t here to defend himself. His life was taken, and taken by Mary Winkler. I’m not sure I believe the abuse story, but that doesn’t matter. I lived through an abusive relationship, and I didn’t stay, I left. People act as if there were no other options, there were plenty of options.

    There were other options besides murder. And whether you agree or disagree, people will always draw conclusions and make moral judgments regarding someone’s character. People can say that no one can tell you what your morals are all they want, it doesn’t negate the fact that there is a moral compass.

    I may not be a minister’s wife, but I am a minister’s daughter. My compassion here goes out to the family of Matthew Winkler and his congregation.

    TMS: My compassion goes out to everybody involved. It’s a lose-lose situation. The biggest losers are the daughters of Matthew and Mary Winkler. I DO have compassion for Mary Winkler because whatever the causes/motives, she had to have been at her wit’s end to kill her husband and the father of her children. Whether it was abuse, post-partum depression or whatever, she did something so drastic and crazy that OF COURSE people are going to speculate about what could have happened for her to do something so extreme. There was definitely SOMETHING going on out of the ordinary. And while we can sit back and talk about all the options she had, she probably saw no options because of her situation.

  9. What’s Everybody Talking About 13 » Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    […] The Median Sib has been keep up with the Mary Winkler case. Reading her latest article on the subject makes me wonder if Mary Winkler is just flat out going over the edge. […]

  10. Lenda Says:

    Oh please. Mary Winkler did not have post partum depression, her youngest child was, what, 5 or 6? PPD not the issue here!! Mary Winkler murdered her husband in cold blood, she is no better than Scott Peterson. I am tired of people giving her a break just because she is a woman. She needs to be sitting on death row right next to Scott Peterson.

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