At one time Boston Legal was one of my favorite TV shows.  It was funny and outrageous.  Unfortunately, it has gone the way of most shows that last beyond a few years.  The storylines are getting more and more absurd, and apparently they no longer are happy with their “progressive-friendly” scripts.  Now they simply MUST have scripts that preach their anti-conservative and anti-religion biases and intolerance. 

Last night’s show, in particular, was a constant barage of derision and disdain for conservatives and for religion.  It has stopped amazing me at the extent of intolerance the “progressives” can display toward anyone who doesn’t agree with them.   Their “accept everyone as they are” mantra only applies to other progressives – and certainly not towards conservatives or Christians.

If past blogging history is any indication and this post receives comments from the progressive side, they will most likely be laced with profanity and personal attacks and charges.   To progressives, conservatives are the “other America” that Denny and Alan discussed with so much disdain in last night’s show.  The “other America” that doesn’t believe in giving people equal rights and the “other America that elected a president.”  And I have yet to hear a progressive admit or even recognize that such a discussion is the epitomy of intolerance and stereotyping.

In last night’s episode, Denise told Brad that he was the father of the child she is carrying.  Immediately they put Brad in the dunce category as he started talking about getting schools  lined up for the baby – “It’s never too early.” 

Then Denise told him she hadn’t decided definitely about continuing the pregnancy.  So now it looks like that storyline will be one in which Brad will be portrayed as an  idiot male trying to exert his “father’s rights” while Denise will be portrayed as the brave and liberated woman guarding her “right to decide.”

I wish that “entertainment” shows would stick to entertainment – and leave the political commentary to the political shows.

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3 Responses to “Boston Legal – Stereotypes and Intolerance in Action”

  1. RightOnPeachtree Says:

    I agree entirely. I only recently starting watching Boston Legal. I thought it was a funny and entertaining show. Now, it has quickly spiralled downward into a weekly hatefest directed towards conservatives and Christians. The only conservative on the show is a buffoon (a funny buffoon), but even he was siding with the libster intolerants last night.

    To say I’m disappointed in the show would be an understatement. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised these days. There is absolutely no shame and no limits displayed in the mainstreaming of intolerant hitpieces like this. Thankfully, most conservatives are intelligent enough to see right through this ruse. Those most likely to be persuaded are probably malleable youth who, thankfully, don’t often vote and who will likely grow out of any liberal indoctrination once they reach adulthood and start seeing the strings on the puppets.

  2. RightOnPeachtree Says:

    I left a message here earlier. Just checking to see if it’ll show up.

    TMS: Sorry – I was away from the computer for awhile and was a little late with moderating comments. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. janjanmom Says:

    Oh my goodness, I thought it was just me. The telling people off for nothing hilarious writing is gone. Now we have a fatter Alan acting goofy promoting gays and libs. Good TV is so rare, at least I still have Medium, until she starts trying to rehab all the bad guys instead of locking them up.

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