The five fourth grade girls had come into the classroom and had taken their places around the table.  I greeted them and turned to get the basket of supplies from the shelf behind me.  They were chatting, and I was generally tuning out the sounds of their conversations until we were ready to begin our lesson. 

Suddenly, the words, “Oh! That feels SO good!” captured my attention.  Looking toward them, I saw one girl with her tongue stuck out and stretching up towards her nose.

She had my interest.  I smiled.   “What feels good?” I asked.

“I have a lizard tongue,” she answered.  “See?”  She demonstrated.  “My mom and grandma can do it, too.  You scratch your  nose, and it feels SO good.”  She went on the demonstrate again for the group.  She was right.  She DID have a lizard-like tongue.  It reached all the way to the tip of her nose.  Each of the other girls tried to do likewise – with no luck. 

That’s one of the things I enjoy about working with children.  You never know what they’re going to say or do next.  Every day, every conversation, every class is different.   And no, I didn’t try it myself.  Not then anyway.

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One Response to “Scratch your nose with your tongue? OH! That feels SO good!”

  1. History Is Elementary Says:

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  2. Ruth Says:

    Well I tried it immediately but my tongue is much too short. I enjoy reading your posts.

    TMS: I have to admit – I tried it later when I was by myself. I could just barely reach my nose.

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