Here are the thirteen people and things I love most in this world

(1) RT – What a great husband!  He keeps me laughing at his antics, and he’s still just as romantic as he’s always been.  We have fun together, and it is almost spooky how often we start saying the same thing at the same time.  Building the house with RT is fun because our tastes are so similar.  We have agreed on everything of importance.

(2) Our daughter – Stinkeroo – She’s my good friend and confidante.  We talk with each other just about every day.  I’m so proud of her.  She’s funny, and we laugh a lot together.

(3) Our son – Scalawag – Such a motivated and industrious young man.  He started his own business and is doing great with it.  He’s kind and funny.  We laugh a lot together, too.

(4)  Our oldest granddaughter – Sweet Stuff – Such a gentle and helpful spirit.  She’s always eager to do whatever she can for others.  She’s funny, smart, sweet – and precious.

(5) Our youngest granddaughter – Sunshine – Such an independent and loving spirit.  She’s funny and cuddly and smart – and precious.

(6) My mother – Ruth of Ruthlace – She has demonstrated in her life the “can do and will do” attitude that accomplishes so much.  She’s not only a wonderful role model, she’s a wonderful mother.

(7)  My six siblings – I won’t even start on each of their character traits.  Each of them is talented beyond measure, and I love each of them so much.

(8) The children I teach

(9) The teachers I work with each day

(10)  My church family – RT and I have only been members of our small United Methodist church for a little over a year, but the people have welcomed us with open arms, and we love the friends we’ve made there.  The minister is led by God, and we feel that specific church is where we belong.

Okay, I could go on and on and list “all the people in the world” but I’ll stop there with the people.  Now, what “things” do I love/enjoy?

(11) Blogging – It may sound silly to some (not to other bloggers, probably) but I love blogging.  I enjoy writing, and I enjoy seeing my words in print.  I love reading other blogs.  I enjoy it so much I started a new meme last week – SUNDAY SEVEN.  It’s a great way to end one week and start the next week with a little review and thankfulness.   (P.S. If you want to join – do it now.  Just email me and let me know.  We’ve already got a great collection of headers and a good blogroll.   Everyone who joins in February becomes a charter member of the Sunday Seven meme!)

(12)  A good night’s sleep – I probably mention this too much, but I still marvel at how wonderful it is.  There are few things better than a good night’s sleep.  And I am thrilled that I normally sleep very well now.

(13)  Computers – they save so much time.  I guess they waste time, too.  I love the convenience and ease of email and word processing and web surfing.

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10 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – Valentine Edition – #46”

  1. beth Says:

    Such a nice list!!! I’m looking forward to doing Sunday Seven this week. I waited too late this last week – but I’ll be in there this week )

  2. Joan Says:

    Great list! I’m glad you used the valentine theme too.

  3. Eric Says:

    I hope that they are all realize what a wonderful person you are as well! ) Have a happy V day.

  4. carmen Says:

    You’re lucky to be so loved and love in return. )

  5. Barbara H. Says:

    I love the “things” you listed, too. ) Great list!

  6. Jane Says:

    That’s a great list. Isn’t it wonderful to have so much to love!
    My T13 is up.

  7. Raggedy Says:

    Nice list. I love the nicknames!
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT’ing!
    (“)_ (“)Å 

  8. John Masters Says:

    Great list! It looks like your life is filled with wonderful people. A good internet connection doesn’t hurt either.

  9. Janet Says:

    I always wished I came from a big, close family…but I didn’t, so I added my friends to my life and those are the ones I love most in this world, in addition to my father, brother, cousin and dogs -)

  10. Jenny-up the hill Says:


    What a wonderful list you have put together! You are very blessed!! I’m from TN too…and I was born in Anchorage Alaska so I LOVE your wedding picture in your profile. I’ve bookmarked you and will be back later this evening when the kiddos are in bed!

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