Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday, and I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve thought about it.  When her son died last September, my heart broke for her.  I hoped that maybe she would get the paternity of her new daughter straightened out and go on to form some positive relationships.  Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

I’ve read several posts about Anna Nicole’s death, and found one that was particularly good.  At least it expressed what I wish I could express.

Baldilocks is an insightful writer, and I’ve enjoyed reading her since I first started blogging in the fall of 2005.  Yesterday she wrote about Anna Nicole Smith.  I hope you’ll read it – it’ll be worth the click.

Tiara-tip to Beth.

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7 Responses to “Anna Nicole Smith – “I wish I had prayed for her””

  1. Blue Star Chronicles » Fide et Fortudine Says:

    links from Technorati(click on picture to enlarge) Planck’s Constant has photos (NSFW) and a brief biography. More at: Alabama Improper, 7.62m Justice, Hot Air UPDATE: Beth at MVRWC has an update on the autopsy results.The Median Sibbsc splgqui

  2. Sirking Says:

    I fully agree. It’s so sad that she died…makes me wish I had prayed for her too.

  3. beth Says:

    I agree.

  4. Ruth Says:

    yes. i agree we should pray for these troubled ones instead of criticizing

  5. Jane Says:

    Carol, thanks for that link. Baldilocks’ post was excellent. Anna Nicole was truly a troubled soul who needed our compassion not our condemnation. I must admit that, at times, I criticized her and her behavior. But when her son died my heart went out to her. I would not be surprised if, coupled with recently giving birth, she died of a broken heart.

  6. Anna Nicole Smith » Blue Star Chronicles Says:

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  7. baldilocks: Anna Nicole Smith Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[…] Anna Nicole Smith – I wish I had prayed for her from The Median Sib Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday, and Ive been surprised at how much Ive […]

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