Here is the house on Wednesday of this week.  They were still working on adding the plywood on all the rafters. RT said that at one point yesterday there were FOURTEEN men working on the house. It probably looked like a beehive of activity.

It’s amazing what a difference two days can make because this next picture is of the house today.
The roofers have put the tar paper on the roof, and they will be there early in the morning to put on the roof shingles – and they could very well finish the roof tomorrow.  I told RT that I am amazed at how quickly the house is being built.  The framers still have some work left to do inside.  However, the “drying in” is a major step.  Of course if we have a heavy rain or blowing rain, some water will get into the house.  It’s not water-tight yet.  But not much water can get into it. 

On Tuesday of next week the plumber will get started, and we anticipate the electric company will SOMEDAY soon get around to getting electricity up to the house.  We’ve had everything we’re supposed to do completed for quite a while.

This next picture is of the back of the house – opposite side from the other two pictures.  It shows the back porch and the beginnings of the chimney.  I love the fact that there will be just one or two steps down from the back porch to the yard.  There will probably be five or six steps on the front.  There will only be one step from the garage into the house.

Despite having strep throat, I rode over there with RT this evening and walked through every room.  The workers are doing such a good job, and I absolutely love the floor plan.  I’m so happy with how everything is coming along.

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  1. Jane Says:

    That is SO exciting. I am so happy for you and RT. I know you cannot WAIT to move in.

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