I just got back from seeing the doctor.  It’s strep.  The nurse laughed and said that the culture immediately turned positive – didn’t even need the five minutes to get a reading.   Now I feel GUILTY because I went to work yesterday – even though I felt terrible – and I probably spread it.

I really thought it would turn out to be the flu or some viral thing since I didn’t have a fever.  The doctor told me, though, that fever and even a sore throat are not necessarily part of having strep. 

So, I got a shot.  It was a big shot and it was cold since it had been refrigerated.  So the nurse gave the shot to me very slowly.  About midway she asked if it was stinging too badly.  I said, “Yes, it’s stinging but not NEARLY as badly as my throat hurts.  So I’ll take the stinging any day to get rid of the sore throat.”

Since I have a history of passing out after getting a pencillin shot, I had to stay there – lying down – for about 15 minutes after the shot.  If the examining table had been more comfortable, I could have gone to sleep.  Then they let me leave.  The doctor gave me a prescription for a “swish and spit” that would help with the throat pain – with clear instructions to be careful not to swallow it.  Then the nurse told me to be sure not to drink or eat anything at least thirty minutes after swishing and spitting because people have been known to chew their tongues and not realize it.  Sounds lovely, doesn’t it.

I stopped by Kroger on my way home to get the prescription filled, and since it took them about 10 minutes to fill the prescription I decided to pick up a few groceries while I was there.  The pharmacy is really close to the aisle that has ice cream.  The more I looked at the ice cream, the more I thought it would feel so good on my throat – not to mention it would taste so good.

So I bought a half-gallon of Blue Bell Homestyle Vanilla Ice Cream.  And, you know what?  It DID feel wonderful going past my throat, and it DID taste delicious.  AND since I believe it putting first things first, I ate the ice cream first, and then tried the swish & spit.  Not too bad.  I wonder though, if I gargled as long as I should have because I really can’t tell much difference.  

The wonderful thing about antibiotics is that regardless of how absolutely awful I feel right now, I know that the penicillin has already started its job of killing the streptococcus (I hope that’s the right word) germs, and I will feel so much better by tonight. 

Now I’m worn out – and hour and a half at the doctor’s office, 45 minutes to get home via Kroger, and 15 minutes to write this post.  Now it is definitely NAP TIME!

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5 Responses to “It’s strep throat – and I have the ice cream to prove it”

  1. Chicrou’s Weblog Says:

    links from TechnoratiThe doctor confirmed this morning that I have strep throat. Yuk! A Penicillin shot, a throat “swish and spit” and I feel like a truck ran over me.read more| digg story

  2. Jane Says:

    You eat all the ice cream you want! I have only had strep one time and it HURT!!! Hope you are better soon.

  3. som Says:

    cool! i have strep rite now! and it hurts like crapp
    i ate icecream but i threw upp cry

    TMS: Sorry you threw up. I think if you have a fever, you’re not supposed to eat any milk products. I didn’t run a fever this time with strep, though – so the ice cream was just heavenly – it felt so cool and actually made my throat feel better!

  4. Ken Says:

    Yeah, I used to get shots like that as a kid. The needles were THICK and they hurt sooooooo Bad!!!! Worse yet, my entire family held me down on the couch and counted to 3!!!!

    Never EVER forgot those memories!!!!! OW!!!!!!!


  5. E. A. Hamlin Says:

    Please read this fact sheet on Strep. A. My newphew died on Feb. 15 after a few days of symptoms that were thought of as the flu. It attacked his lungs. He had just turned 39 this month.


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