I’m watching Barack Obama announce his candidacy for the office of President of the United States.  He’s an excellent speaker, and he certainly is putting on a good show with this speech.  He’s a man who is very aware of the importance of symbolism.   Of analogies. Of location.   He is giving the speech in Springfield, Illinois where Abraham Lincoln gave his “house divided against itself” speech.

His rhetoric is very much about working together.  For example: “That’s why I’m here.  Not just to hold an office but to gather with you to transform a nation.”

He ended his speech with a phrase you don’t hear very often from politicians.  “I love you.”  I don’t know why that struck me as almost funny.  When he talked about how he has been against the war in Iraq since the beginning, he was getting in a dig at Hillary Clinton who voted for the war.

I think Obama hit a home run with the speech.  He touched on all the major “progressive” talking points.  He mentioned his Christianity and God often enough to calm anyone who questions his religion.  His wife and two daughters were there with him – presenting a nice family unit. 

As a conservative, I believe that Obama would be more formidable opponent in 2008 than either Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. 

And yes, he WAS clean and articulate, too.

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3 Responses to “Barack Obama announces his candidacy”

  1. Volunteer Voters Says:

    links from Technoratiin the race for President could not. You can have your experienced candidate, I’ll take the one who knows what the hell he is talking about.” Egalia: “Obama has been compared to Jack Kennedy, and with lines like the following, it’s easy to see why”Median Sib: “As a conservative, I believe that Obama would be more formidable opponent in 2008 than either Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. And yes, he WAS clean and articulate, too.” Music City Oracle: “[E]ven while trying to allow for that difference of

  2. Steve J. Says:

    Hey Carol.I agree with you about him being a better candidate than Hillary and John Edwards. I also think he gave a great speech. That closing line in your post is perfect.

  3. beth Says:

    I think he poses a major problem for Hillary. But he’s dangerous. He’s charming and charismatic and a full-fledged socialist. He speaks of improving our relations with foreign countries and then insults the Prime Minister of Australia. His response referred to the Prime Minister as ‘Bush’s friend’. The implication is that he wouldn’t be Obama’s friend. I wonder if he feels the same way about our other allies.

    Apparently the only countries the democrats are worried about us having a good relationship with and using diplomacy with are those who have declared their intention to destroy us.

    Just like with the rest of the democrats – it’s party above country.

  4. Blue Star Chronicles Says:

    Barack Obama Invokes Lincoln and Kennedy in His Run for President…

    Senator Barack Obama has formally announced his candidacy for president. He is charming, charismatic, fascinating and the fair-haired child for the media and hollywood. In this world of instant communication and televised lives, he has everything neces…

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