RT declared weeks ago that when the new house was finally “dried in” we would celebrate with a bottle of wine.  I can think of better ways to celebrate, but that’s what RT wanted to do.  So that was fine with me.

This past Saturday was our celebration.  The house was officially dried in with tar paper on the roof.  Although the roof shingles weren’t added until Sunday and Monday, the tar paper was enough to dry it in.  The rain could pour down, and the inside of our house would remain dry.

On Saturday I was recovering from strep throat, and the thought of sipping wine was definitely not something that appealed to me.  So I had RT pour only a couple of sips into the glass for me.  RT insisted it must be a whole family celebration.  So he poured a few drops of wine in Jake’s dish, and a few drops in Tripper’s dish.  Tripper is our cat.   Tripper licked the few drops unenthusiastically and left to explore outside.

Jake, however, has definite lush tendencies.  he sniffed the wine and then licked it tentatively.  You could almost see the wheels in his brain turning.  “Hmm this is interesting.  Let me try a little more.”  And he licked some more.  Soon it was all gone.  Jake looked at RT as if to say, “I want more.”  RT poured a little more in his dish.  Jake licked every drop.  RT and I were laughing as we watched him lick every inch of the bowl over and over to make sure he got every single molecule possible.  Then he looked up at RT expectantly - more?  Nope.  No more wine for Jake – our little lushy dog.

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One Response to “Jake – the wonder lush dog”

  1. PTLP Mike Says:

    Beware of the animal wack-o’s. Some may want to draw and quarter you for animal abuse.

    After all, wine surely can’t be as good for your pooch as that 5 day old road kill skunk he would drag home to you if he had the opportunity.

    Congrats on the house progress.

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