It was back in 1968 – my freshman winter at college in Kentucky.  RT and I had started dating in the fall.  I was crazy about the guy!   I was living on campus in a women’s dorm.  RT lived across campus in a men’s dorm.  My dorm was an old fashioned one with the restrooms and showers at the end of the hall. 

I had to work my way through school doing various jobs – cleaning the bathrooms, working in the cafeteria – whatever work I could get.  That year I worked the breakfast line in the cafeteria, and so I got up early in the  mornings to get to the cafeteria before the serving lines opened.

That Valentine morning, the alarm clock rang, and I trudged down the hallway to take care of morning necessities and get my shower.  Awhile later, I returned to my room – and there on my bed was a HUGE heart-shaped box of candy with a large red valentine card next to it.  

It was from RT, and to say I was surprised would be an understatement.  He wrote lots of sweetly romantic stuff in the card.  He’s very good at that.  I was ecstatic because I never expected such a treat.  RT had gotten a friend of mine to hide the candy and card, wait for me to go to the restroom, and then put them on my pillow.  It was a tender start to a life-long romance.  I still smile when I think of it.

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3 Responses to “My First Valentine’s Day With RT”

  1. Debi Lewis Says:

    How sweet! So, how was your Valentine’s Day today? Love you, Debi

    TMS: So far so good. It is sure different being a “special area” teacher as opposed to a classroom teacher on a party day at school. My afternoon has been quiet and peaceful – catching up on paperwork while listening to the parties going on in the surrounding classrooms. I don’t miss being a classroom teacher one bit. Love you, too!

  2. Jane Says:

    What a precious memory. Thanks for sharing it. I actually made W cry with the gift I gave him this morning! That doesn’t happen very often.

    TMS: That begs the question: What did you give him that made him cry????

  3. beth Says:

    AHHH – that’s so sweet!!!

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