(1) Just look at the variety of landscape – mountains, oceans, beaches, rivers, forests, snow, sun.  There is something for everyone here.

(2)  If our elected leaders don’t follow our wishes, then we won’t vote for them in the next election. 

(3)  Alaska – what a wild, unusual and wonderful frontier

(4) Hawaii – what a gloriously colorful and magical place

(5) The Great Lakes – lakes so big they’re almost like the ocean -  well, no salt water!

(6) The people who are against the war in Iraq can say so without fear of being arrested or otherwise officially punished in any way for disagreeing with the administration’s actions.  While I might not agree with the people who protest, they have that right, and that is a positive thing about the USA.

(7)  We’ve reached the highest level of human and civil rights of any nation on earth at this moment in time.

(8) We live relatively free from fear. 

(9) There is NOWHERE in the world where people have as many freedoms and privileges as we have in the USA.

(10) We have a system of capitalism.  That means that if I want to prosper, I must work for it.  However, what I earn, I get to keep (minus taxes).  Except for Welfare cheaters, I’m not working to benefit those who choose to be slackers.

(11) Materially, we have more than our forebears ever dreamed of.  Unfortunately, we tend to take our bounty for granted. 

(12)  I can attend our little Methodist church.  We have friends who attend a Catholic church.  Others go to Jewish synogogues, while still others go to a Muslim mosque.  Still other choose not to worship God at all or even to believe in God.  And that’s okay with our government.  It’s our choice.

(13)  I was born in the USA.  It is my home.


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21 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Reasons I Love the USA – Edition #47”

  1. Bob Roberts Says:

    6, 7 and 9 are not true.

    TMS: Perhaps from your perspective, they’re not. From mine, they’re absolutely true.

  2. Di Says:

    I agree…I read so much fiction and non-fiction about oppressive regimes abroad…it makes me thankful for what we’ve got…flawed though it might seem sometimes!

  3. Joan Says:

    We need to remember these things more often. this was a good idea for TT. I still haven’t finished mine. I seem to be dancing a few steps behind the beat lately!

  4. armywife Says:

    i think #6 is completely right.
    about a year ago someone spit on me saying that my husband was a babykiller. while he is not and i won’t get into all of that, i’m still glad that everyone in america is able to say and/or spit whatever they feel. it might not be popular, they might be boo’d off stage or etc but we are not jailed or shot for shouting out what we believe.
    i love america too and would gladly give my all to maintain our freedoms!
    happy TT!

  5. Jill Says:

    7 and 9 might be more true up here in Canada and that northern coutry where the tax is 50%!!
    It would be great to see everyone do a TT like this and we could have a battle who will win!!!

  6. PRACTiCAL CHiCK Says:

    I love America. In Oklahoma, we have tornadoes, earthquakes (really!), and awesome lightening storms when it snows.

  7. elementaryhistoryteacher Says:

    Hi Carol!

    I adore your post. We do live in the most wonderful place in the world. Thanks for reminding us!

    Look for a brand of wine called Yellowtail—the Shiraz is fabulous. It’s an Australian wine.

    TMS: Thanks! -) I’ve enjoyed Yellowtail wine several times – but it’s been at least a couple years since I’ve had any.

  8. Janet Says:

    Interesting list…and comments!

  9. Raggedy Says:

    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT’ing!
    (“)_ (“)Å 

  10. Miranda Says:

    Great list!

    I’m Canadian, but I love the States!!!!

    Happy TT!

  11. Gattina Says:

    You can move to Europe we have the same things except that every country (or state) has another language, that’s the only trouble.
    But what you say here I can’t agree to !

    “We’ve reached the highest level of human and civil rights of any nation on earth at this moment in time.” who said that ??? and Guantanamo ???

  12. beth Says:

    Great list! It is absolutely correct on all points and I’m proud to be American!! And proud to be southern. And glad we haven’t gotten to the 50% taxation level yet! lol

    Everyone should be proud of where they are from – it’s human nature. But I am so grateful I was fortunate enough to be born in this great country.

    Wonderful idea for a TT. I read it earlier and thought of copying you but decided I shouldn’t do that )

  13. robyn Says:

    It’s nice to see someone so patriotic. Makes me miss living in the US.

  14. carmen Says:

    The US has its issues, but it’s definitely the best country to live in.

  15. celfyddydau Says:

    So glad you are proud of your country. I’d be proud of mine if it wasn’t for the government!

    The UK has a lot of great things so I may have to steal your idea one Thursday

  16. Jane Says:

    Carol, you are so right. I don’t know where that Bob guy lives but he should travel to other countries and he will definitely see that, even though we may not be perfect, we are very fortunate here.
    My T13 is up, 13 Things I Will Never Do.

  17. Cecile Says:

    What a great list! I have traveled to other less fortunate areas of the world and realize that we have it the best here. It is too bad that others who live here don’t believe that!

  18. Deborah Says:

    It’s always good to see patriotism – and someone that remembers to be greatful for how wonderful things are for most people in this country. Remember the saying “Count your Blessings?” That doesnt’ necessarily mean ignore the faults, too – it just means be greatful. Wonderful job.

  19. Uisce Says:

    How sad but true that we do take so much for granted. Happy TT, mine’s up!

  20. qtpies7 Says:

    Go USA!

  21. Barb Says:

    Oh, to be an American! As I watch the news from other countries, I cannot thank God enough for the privilege of being born here!

    I’m with Jane. Just where does Bob live, if he thinks those things are not true in the US? And, I noticed he didn’t leave a blog address, so he’s probably does not do the TT. There will always be dissenters. That’s what freedom is all about.

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