It snowed early this morning – enough to cover the ground – enough to make the roads a tad iffy.  If it were a school day, we’d have a snow day.  It’s supposed to snow more during the day which means that if tomorrow were a school day, there’d be a good chance we would have a snow day tomorrow, too.

However, it is Saturday morning, and tomorrow is Sunday – which means the two possible snow days are wasted.  By Monday the weather will warm up – no snow in sight.

From my perspective as a teacher, snow is totally wasted on weekends.  What good is snow if it doesn’t bring a snow holiday from school?

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One Response to “Wasted Snow: If we can’t get a “snow day” from it, why bother with snow?”

  1. Jane Says:

    I could not possibly agree more! You can always hope though!

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