The presentation I had to give this morning is over!  YEA!!!!!!!!  Words cannot express how happy I am that it is over  – it turned out good – but most of all, it’s over.  Whew!  Public speaking is definitely NOT my strong suit.  But I did okay.

Today was Presidents’ Day.  Kids were out of school, but teachers weren’t so lucky.  Teachers had all-day professional development meetings.  All the kindergarten teachers in the school system went to one school, all the first grade teachers went to another, etc.  My presentation was to the third grade teachers.  There were probably around 50-60 teachers in the session that I led.  Two of the third grade teachers at my school helped with the presentation.  There were six sections of the presentation – I had four sections, and they each had one section.   Our topic was on working with high readers in third grade.

A bonus: The third grade teachers just happened to be at the school that Sweet Stuff (my 5-year old granddaughter) attends.  So I got to see her classroom and all her artwork and school work that was displayed in the hallway outside her classroom.

Oh yes – it was the first time I’ve done a PowerPoint presentation.  Everything worked out just fine.  But the most important thing:  It’s OVER!

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