Joan at Daddy’s Roses has written a post quoting a Democratic Representative who was one of only two Democrats who voted against the non-binding resolution. 

I didn’t realize that there was actually a voice of reason and common sense in the Democratic party, but apparently there is at least one.  Here is part of what Representative Jim Marshall (D, GA) said when he spoke before the Assembly.  The emphasis is Joan’s:

We’re debating a nonbinding resolution to disapprove of the Iraqi/American military surge in Baghdad…. we do so hoping our debate and vote will not discourage those called upon to execute the surge…but we also do so knowing that it might. That’s enough for me to oppose the resolution……..This anti-surge resolution is akin to sitting in the stands and booing in the middle of our own team’s play because we don’t like the coach’s call. I cannot join midplay nay-saying that might discourage even one of those engaged in this current military effort in Baghdad.

Click over to Daddy’s Roses to read what he said directly to the troops about the resolution.

What Democrats fail to understand is that, like it or not, President George W. Bush is THEIR president as much as he is president for the Republicans.  In the long run, the Democrats’ words and actions against President Bush are actions against themselves.  Sure, they have the right to say and do what they’re doing.  However, they’re too short-sighted and self-involved to realize that they’re hurting themselves in the process.

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