Here it is – another Saturday morning.  I love the weekends.  Friday nights are my favorite time every week because the whole weekend lies before me.  Although I love my job, I also love not being at my job.

There are lots of things going on today – not just with the new house and doing things around the old house – but in the blogging world, too.  Lots of excitement and handling various tasks.  Look for an announcement later today or tomorrow – nothing personal – it’s about blogging.

I have several plans for the day – all just terribly exciting!  Not.  I’ll go by the church and do a quick sweeping/vaccuming/general straightening up, then by the grocery store for a few staple items. 

I’m making a pot of chili for dinner – and then working on blogging plans in between all the other things.

If you make your way to THE MEDIAN SIB today, I wish you a wonderful Saturday.

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2 Responses to “Saturday Morning Thoughts”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Bless you sister for taking over TT! You rock )

  2. beth Says:

    Is that the announcement?? That you are taking over TT?? lol

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