Oh Lord, Al Gore’s movie just won an Academy Award!  What a pompous idiot he is!  And all the Hollywood folks are just fawning over him.  Earlier in the show Leonardo DiCaprio practically started drooling over Gore and how “honored” he was to be on the same stage.  Yea, I’d say Gore is definitely running.  What a pompous idiot!  Oops!  Did I already say that?

The best line of the evening, though, came from RT who, when Gore was on stage with DiCaprio, commented, “He was vice president, wasn’t he?”  Yes, unfortunately, he was – but obviously very forgettably so.

And the rather sad thing is that he won for “Best Documentary.” While I completely agree that we MUST take care of our planet, I have read too much scientific evidence that disagrees with Gore’s findings to swallow his bleatings hook, line and sinker.  He’s a politician, and this is very politically driven.   And he’s found a very popular platform for his political ambitions.

It was humorous when they started talking about how “green” this year’s Academy Awards are. What a joke!  All the Hollywood types and Al Gore patting themselves on the back for being so environmentally conscious when they’re the most outrageous over-consumers imaginable.

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7 Responses to “Al Gore – and his “Inconvenient Truth” & the Academy Awards”

  1. Life in a Northern Town Says:

    links from Technoratid put in my two cents in response to my friend Tom’s post about the environment. If you read this blog, you know that I am no fan of Albert Gore, Jr. for a lot of reasons—mostly because he is annoying andpompous. And I stated before that I didn’t think his movie deserved an Oscar because it was hella boring. But Tom’s post made me want to take a kinder, gentler approach, lest I seem like an earth-hater.

  2. Volunteer Voters Says:

    links from TechnoratiHe can only make this race if Hillary Clinton proves herself unworthy and Obama proves himself unready. If a case can be made for both of those things before November 2007, Gore will run. No doubt about it. MORE: Number 9 announcesMedian Sib on pompous idiocyKibitzer praises the actor More praise for acting ability Beverly Keel profile The Guerilla Women (I) Al Gore, Rock Star NY Times Steph In The City Sharon Cobb Posted by Kleinheider on February 26, 2007 11:30 AM |

  3. Peter Blazer Says:

    “While I completely agree that we MUST take care of our planet, I have read too much scientific evidence that disagrees with Gore’s findings to swallow his bleatings hook, line and sinker.”

    Yeah but have you read any “evidence ” that wasn’t paid for by the oil companies?

    TMS: And have you read any “evidence” that was produced by someone whose ONLY motivation was to save the planet? Gore’s motives are political – not conservational.

  4. Byzantium Says:

    Thank God we have celebrities to tell us to take the train and stuff…

    TMS: Yes, you are right! Celebrities and rich folks like Gore who fly private jets and have multiple homes and spend thousands of dollars on one outfit of clothes are such wonderful examples of how to conserve our natural resources and live simply.

  5. Joan Says:

    All I want from Hollywood types is brief periods of entertainment. I certainly don’t look to them for advice on living or anything else. As a group they are total failures in any other endeavor except making and spending money and providing an occasional entertaining movie.

    TMS: AMEN!

  6. amy Says:

    it was a good show but I agree about Mr Gore. “my fellow Americans”
    Oh my goodness! THat was wacked..


  7. colleen Says:

    Boy you have some pretty strong feeling against Gore. What did he ever do to casue that? I thought the bit he and Leo D. did was pretty funny. The movie winning was a highlight for me because it will bring more awareness to the issue.

    TMS: Gore is doing this for political gain – not because he has strong feelings about the environment. And sadly, it is working for him. In reality, he is about as far from “green” as a person can be. He talks the talk, but he doesn’t walk the walk. In other words, he’s a major hypocrite.

  8. JR Renolyes Says:

    Please Holly Wood, just do what some of you don’t do very well act. And leave us poor people to pay our taxes, and live our own lives. We do not need your help or liberals laws as you think.

    TMS: That’s the whole liberal mantra – that they (big government) know better what’s good for us or what we need than we do. They want to regulate everything we do.

  9. ap ochoa Says:

    Only about 300 empty holy wood empty suits voted for the science fiction flick, and even less actually saw it. global warming is God’s gift to life.

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