On the way to work this morning, I listened to the 7:30 broadcast of Paul Harvey.  In it he gave two stories that had me laughing.

In the first, a woman went to the hospital complaining of a stomach ache from unknown causes.  Turns out that in a moment of passion (?) she swallowed her partner’s false teeth!   All I can say is that the moment of passion must’ve been quite spectacular.  But what’s with the “unknown causes” thing?  You can’t swallow false teeth without knowing it!  Can you?

In the second story, a young man decided that he would rob his grandparents.  Really – to even think of doing that, he’d have to be fairly stupid.  He got a costume and mask so they wouldn’t recognize him.  He went into the house and demanded, “I want your money!”  Apparently, they weren’t fast enough because he followed his demand with, “I mean it, PaPaw!”

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2 Responses to “Paul Harvey – Swallowing teeth – and dumb crooks”

  1. Basil's Blog Says:

    links from TechnoratiThe Median Sibenjoyed the rest of the story. Merri (Merri Musings) doesn’t understand people … or what passes for justice. Contagion (Miasmatic Review) found a video funny in any language. If you’d like to share an item via

  2. chekhers4art Says:

    I recently took my grandson with me to Montana to my brothers and we went camping on the Flathead River. Just before I left for the trip my gold bridge broke and was uncemented. I could not get into my dentist so I would have to put it back if it got lifted with food. Well, I fixed beens and hotdogs for dinner one night and I told my grandson that my gold bridge was gone. We both were in shock. I look around where we had fished and nothing. So starting that day I had to start checking when I went to the bathroom.

    At the airport coming back my grandson said “Gramma, what if you set off the metal detectors if those teeth are in there?” I had not thought about that. I did set it off, but thankfully it was my watch

    After I got home I had my doctor order an xray. I heard a tech say “how did that get in there” well it’s there and it has not come out yet. So…swallowing teeth happens I suppose but at least they were mine and not someone elses.

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