My favorite “Amazing Race All Stars” couple, the Kentucky coalminer and his wife – David and Mary – were the last ones to reach the pit stop tonight, and thus were out of the race.   Even after the “beauty queens” missed a clue and had to go back to retrieve it, and even after Mirna (of the Charla and Mirna pair) acted like a complete imbecile when she had to pick up some fish, it was David and Mary who came in last.  I was SO hoping that Charla and Mirna would be the ones to go home tonight.  They are so annoying and rude to people. Mary braved her fear of white-water rafting, and David was a whiz in picking up the fishes.  I just really, really hoped they’d make it to the end.

David and Mary were as country as they come, but they were also genuine and caring.  I thought they were refreshing in comparison to some of the other pairs who are so self-involved and ruthless.

Mary’s words to David at the end of the show:  “I love you.”  So sweet.

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4 Responses to “David and Mary leave “The Amazing Race””

  1. Ms Cornelius Says:

    As granny would say: “They ain’t nuthin’ wrong with bein’ country. Country makes this country great.”

  2. Jane Says:

    I saw them a few times when they were on the first time and you are right, they are just down home folks. They tried SO hard and were honest. Sometimes you just want people like that to win.

  3. janjanmom Says:

    ? I am on pins and needles to see what the breakfasts of the smart kids were. We are an eggs and toast family but sometimes we go a little crazy and have bacon or sausage with it. We also do oatmeal(steel cut oats have more flavor and taste great!), cream of wheat, barley, and the occasional grits. The kids want to much sugar in their grains so I generally default to the eggs because of no sugar. I bet if you check those kids lunches you will find a lunchable with dessert and punch(the kids will drink the drink and eat the dessert), fruit snacks and then a few cookies or a candy bar for dessert.

    I believe all the sugar consumed has something to do with the overwhelming behaviour issues as well as the weight issues. People just don’t eat REAL food anymore. I crack up when I see that REAL SUPPER commercial where the kid calls his mom to see if he can have supper with another family. His mom doesn’t believe they are all gonna have supper together and then he passes the phone over to the mom…yes, they are all home and going to have supper together. What are they having? KFC. What a statement.

    Sorry, I am very off topic to this post…but you left me hanging. I am a long time reader-sometime commenter. I don’t watch the race. Andy Rooney hasn’t been funny since he turned lib. Libs can’t do humor.

  4. janjanmom Says:

    (steel cut oats have MORE FIBER and taste great) is what that should have said. -)

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