The first few guys have already sung tonight, and I can’t even remember what they sang.  Blake was lame.  Sanjaya should have gone home last week, and he didn’t improve much this week.  He just has no sparkle and his voice comes off as weak.  Sundance was forget-able which is too bad because I’ve liked him before.  I thought Chris was too nasal.  The fifth guy was pretty good – was his name Jared?  He did that hands-over-his-face thing last week and got so much attention for it that I think he decided to go for another sexy song – and it didn’t work tonight.   Brandon is singing now.  Last week he was awful.  He’s better tonight but not by much. 

The bald guy – Phil - looked stupid with that hat sitting over his ears.  He talked about how much he likes his bald head, but then he keeps it covered with hats all the time.  He sang “I Need You” and the ending was better than the beginning.

Chris Sligh – first few notes, and I already knew I’d like this song better than any of the others – but still  not memorable.

Oh well – the guys weren’t very good.  It was a rather lame show.

So who do I think will go home this week.  I vote for Sanjaya and the scat-singer guy, Blake, with the spiked hair to go home.   That won’t happen, though.  Blake will still be here.  I think it’ll be either Sanjaya, Chris or Jared.

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One Response to “American Idol – the men bombed – no “idol” in the group”

  1. Jane Says:

    I agree. Hubby and I both thought the guys were terrible. I agree that Chris Sligh might have been the best of the worst. Why do they let them pick such lame songs. It would make it more of a contest if they were helped to pick the very best song for their voice. It will be interesting to see what the ladies do tonight. smile

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