Bye bye Antonella!  But America sent Sabrina home, too!  Sabrina was GOOD!  Haley has a nice voice, but she is nowhere near the caliber of Sabrina.  However, it is certainly right that Antonella is off the show. 

I was surprised that the guy with the eyebrows didn’t get enough votes to stay.  I can’t think of his name – Jared?  However, he had no chance to win.

OH NO!  Sundance was just voted off!  UNBELIEVABLE!  And Sanjaya stayed? 

Oh well – I’m 1 for 4 once again.  I cannot believe that Sanjaya has made it this far.  I also can’t believe that both Sundance and Sabrina are off the show.  People are voting for “cute” or something other than singing ability.  It’s crazy.

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One Response to “American Idol’s 200th Episode – At least two of the four deserved to go”

  1. WildBluff_Matt Says:

    TMS, this is not our season. I called Sabrina, but never would have put money on Sanjaya over Sundance, or anyone for that matter. Nuts!

    TMS: When I saw that you called Sabrina, I thought you were crazy. Showed me, huh? I’m still in shock that Sanjaya is still on the show.

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