(Saturday night) UPDATED at end of post:

I’m giving the children’s sermon in church tomorrow.  Here’s what I’ll say and do:

Theme: God’s Word feeds our hearts.

Materials: a box of Alpha-Bits cereal, some paper plates.

To give the children at the end of the lesson: snack bags with Alpha-Bits, small booklets of Bible verses

Good morning, boys and girls.  What’s this? (hold up box of cereal).  Yes, it’s Alpha-Bits cereal.   I always enjoy eating Alpha-Bits because I can spell words with it.  Let’s see what I can spell with these.  (pour some onto one of the plates and spell a simple word with whatever letters are there.  Show the children the word – them eat the word).   Yum!  I can spell the word, and then I can eat the word.

Here, you try it.  (Give each child a paper plate with some Alpha-Bits on it.  Call on the children to tell you the words they make.)

Can we eat the words you make from the Alpha-Bits ?  Yes, we can, and when we eat good food - it nourishes our bodies and makes us stronger and happier.  (To avoid spills, take up the plates and Alpha-Bits.  Tell the children that at the end of the lesson they’ll get a bag of Alpha-Bits to snack on later.)

Alpha-Bits aren’t the only way to eat words.  God gives us good words, too.  The Bible is God’s word for us. 

There was a prophet – a wise man – in the Bible named Jeremiah.  He wrote: “When God’s words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight.” (Jeremiah 15:16a, NIV)

Now do you think Jeremiah really ATE the words of God?  No, he didn’t.  He meant that he read them and they were like food to his heart.  They made him stronger and happier.

That’s what God wants us to do.  He wants us to read His Word – the Bible – and let his Words feed us so that we will know more about God and love him more and be stronger and happier because of the nourishment (good things) we get from His Word.

Here is a booklet of Bible verses for you to feed your hearts.  Will each of you promise to read one verse from this booklet each day?  Make sure you feed your heart with God’s word each day.

Let’s pray:  Our Heavenly Father, thank  you for giving us your word – the Bible – to feed our hearts and make us stronger and happier.  Amen

Hand out the bags of Alpha-Bits for each child.

UPDATE (Saturday evening):  Has Post stopped making Alpha-Bits?  I searched FIVE different grocery stores today, and none of them had Alpha-Bits.  I had a clerk at one Kroger look it up in the inventory, and he said that it had been six months since any had shown up on their inventory.  He didn’t know if it was no longer being produced or if Kroger had just stopped carrying it.

Now my lesson will have to be modified.  Not having Alpha-Bits nixes the use of that particular text – the whole idea of “eating words” doesn’t work without some literal words that can be eaten – and I’m not getting into alphabet soup.

So I bought some red seedless grapes.  The lesson will be about how food feeds out bodies – how we have to have food each day in order to grow and be healthy.  Then I’ll lead into how reading the Bible feeds our hearts.  We have to read the Bible each day in order for our hearts to grow strong and healthy.

I will change the scripture to Deuteronomy 8:3B “Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.”   We need food for our physical bodies (bread – grapes), but our hearts/souls need food, too – and food for our heart is found in the Bible.                                           

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5 Responses to “Children’s Sermon – Alpha-Bits Cereal and God’s Word”

  1. Jane Says:

    That is really good Carol. It is a wonderful analogy that the children will understand. One of my pet peeves about children’s sermons is when the person giving the sermon uses words and concepts that kids do NOT understand. It is just useless….except to the adults listening, maybe.

  2. Ruth Says:

    Great Post. I knew you would do a super job and be asked to do so again and again.

  3. Lazy Daisy Says:

    Great recovery too! You go girl….great message that even the adults will catch!

  4. Melli Says:

    Oh my goodness! That was thinking quick on your feet! I haven’t bought Alpha-bits in yeeeears, so I really have NO idea if they are still out there! But I DO think that was a very creative and IDEAL way to teach the children! We had a really great children’s service today too. Our Family Life Minister is a lovely gal who really does come up with some great teachings for the children — she ALWAYS has the adults attention too! She was sharing life-savers and speaking about how Jesus is OUR life-saver… it was cute! If I find some Alpha-bits, I’ll share your idea with her!

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