This morning I was getting dressed, and I could hear the TV in the great room.  I couldn’t understand anything being said because it was too far away and the volume wasn’t very high.  However, the voice I heard was awful!  It was shrieky and strident and altogether irritating.  The worst part was that it kept going on…and on…and on…  RT always watches the news in the morning, and so I figured it was a long, long interview with someone. 

Finally, I figured that RT must have left the TV on and had gone outside because SURELY he wouldn’t be watching something that was so unpleasant.

I walked into the great room and looked at the TV.  RT was indeed sitting there looking, and it was a news interview.  Heather Mills was the person who had been speaking for so long.  RT looked at me and said, “No wonder Paul McCartney divorced her!  She’s a b*tch.” 

Now I didn’t listen to the interview – although RT did.  I don’t know anything she said.  The only impression I have is of that voice that just about drove me nuts – from several rooms away.  I don’t know  much about the McCartney-Mills marriage or divorce.  They have a young daughter, and I really feel for that child because she has to listen to that awful voice all the time.

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