Up until this morning, RT and I planned on flying to GA today to spend a couple days with my mother, and then to his mother’s house for Saturday and Sunday.  However, last night RT mentioned that he had a sore throat and wasn’t feeling well.  My first question to him when we woke up this morning was, “How are you feeling?”  The response was, “Not good.”  He thought he might have strep throat and was definitely feeling flu-y.  So…change of plans.

I immediately started a pot of chicken soup, and since I can’t imagine Thanksgving without some homemade cornbread dressing, I started making cornbread for that. 

We noticed that our son’s truck was parked beside the barn.  That meant that he had driven over to go hunting.  So later in the morning when he was finished hunting, he came by the house, and I made some oatmeal for him.  He sat and visited for awhile before heading back to his house to celebrate Thanksgiving with his wife and her family.  His visit reminded me of years ago when RT’s father was alive when RT, his two brothers and his father would all get up early on Thanksgiving morning and go hunting.  Then they’d come back to the house and talk about their experiences – what they saw and where they’d go hunting the next time.  So it was nice having our son here this morning and then having him sit and visit and chat about hunting with RT and then visit for awhile.

For lunch RT and I had some of the soup.  For an early dinner, we had roasted chicken (thanks to Kroger that was open for a few hours and had freshly roasted chickens) and the cornbread dressing and cranberry sauce.  I hate to admit it, but my cornbread dressing was merely “okay.” It just wasn’t the wonderful dressing I’m accustomed to.  I wish I could have had some of my mother’s dressing.  But it was okay – the chicken and dressing and cranberry sauce made things a little more festive and like Thanksgiving. 

Then RT and I took a short walk along the ridge beside our house.  It’s amazing how much we can see of the river area below now that most of the leaves are off the trees.  The air was cold and crisp, and the walk felt good.

It wasn’t the Thanksgiving Day we had planned, but it was a very good Thanksgiving.

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