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Welcome to the 155th edition of the Carnival of Education.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Now, on with the Carnival!


ClassroomAround the Classroom:

Mrs. Bluebird describes a Teachable Moment at Bluebird’s Classroom.   If this is typical of her teaching, she’d better be careful if she starts teaching a unit on life cycles.

Darren discusses the recent topic of Maternity Leave For High School Students at Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher. 

Dave Saba presents Great Teaching Defined? | American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence at DoE- Dave on Ed, saying, “A great interview with the New York Teacher of the Year demonstrates what great teaching is all about.”

Mamacita at Scheiss Weekly needs some quick and learned advice on a related topic.  Click over there and see if you can help her.

M. Cruz presents The Chocolate War – Disturbingly Truthful Fiction posted at NOIRLECROI.COM: “A review of the classic book The Chocolate War from the perspective of a current educator”

Scott McLeod presents Within-School Segregation: Reflections on MLK Day posted at LeaderTalk.

Mister Teacher presents Is a 50 good?? posted at Learn Me Good.

Denise presents The game of algebra posted at Let’s play math!: “My pre-algebra class hit the topic of equations just as the NFL season moved into the playoffs. The result was this series of class notes called “The Game of Algebra.”

Maria Fernandez presents I’m too old to learn a foreign language, right? posted at Learn a foreign language – blog, saying, “Not so. Language learning has a lot more to do with motivation and perseverance than with age.”

Seth Pearce presents The Student’s Role in Society posted at NYC Students Blog, saying, “A Student’s thoughts on our role in NYC Education and society in general.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Brain Plasticity, Health and Fitness Books posted at SharpBrains, saying, “Enjoy this list of 20 great books on the brain and learning.”

Andrea presents Remedial Learning Lessons posted at Andrea’s Buzzing About…, saying, “why do we keep insisting that when students have problems learning by a particular method, what they need is to learn how to learn the “right way”?”

Elias presents Mathematics as the science of reasoning posted at Ramblings of an Australian teacher.

Dr Martin W. Russell presents Procrastination Case Study posted at Dr Martin W. Russell.

History is Elementary presents Get Out of the Box posted at History Is Elementary.

The Teaching LifeThe Teaching Life
Justine Mize presents What are you reading? posted at Random Thoughts of a Teacher, saying, “With all the articles I have read about reading lists for 2008, I am curious how lists are organized and tackled.”

Joel presents Loving My Job; Hating My Work posted at So You Want To Teach?

Justine Mize presents Classroom Discord posted at Random Thoughts of a Teacher, saying, “A peaceful classroom is a nice place to be.”

Pat presents Class Size – Learning to Live With It posted at Successful Teaching.

School Policy and Red Tape

eduwonkette presents It’s Our Secret! The NYC Teacher Experiment posted at eduwonkette

Mike in Texas presents I’m No Reading Expert But This Seems LIke THE MOTHER OF ALL BAD IDEAS posted at Education in Texas, saying, “My submission is about some really bad decisions some administrator at my district made regarding a reading curriculum for struggling 2nd graders.”

Greg Laden presents Clay County (Florida) School Board Adopts Pro Creationist Standards, Breaches Ethics posted at Greg Laden’s Blog.

Oldandrew presents The Theory of Multiple Fitnesses posted at Scenes From The Battleground.

Matt Johnston presents Going to the Mat: Teachers, Pay and the Labor Market posted at Going to the Mat.

Joanne Jacobs presents Hallway culture posted at Joanne Jacobs.

Jennifer Ward presents Research Matters -or- Making Research Matter posted at Et cetera, saying, “integrating authentic and formative assessment techniques into the teaching of research.”

Scott McLeod presents 2008 Education Blogosphere Survey is now open! posted at Dangerously Irrelevant.

Michael Umphrey presents Now what? School reform after NCLB posted at Michael Umphrey’s Blog, saying, “Politicians are running education? How did that happen?”

John Holland presents Teaching from the standards not to them posted at Circle Time “Lead From The Start”, saying, “A post on how standards have changed the nature of teaching.”

woodlassnyc presents Bring back school uniforms — for teachers posted at Under Assault: Teaching in NYC.

Dave Johnston presents NCLB Poster Child posted at Friends of Dave.

Dana presents P16Plus, or Who should be in control of education? posted at Principled Discovery.

Scott McLeod presents School law blogs posted at At the Schoolhouse Gate.

Nancy Flanagan presents DIVERSITY IS ITS OWN REWARD posted at Teacher in a Strange Land, saying, “What was Jay Greene thinking? Musings on multiculturalism and crummy research…”

Chanman presents Teaching indoctrination posted at Buckhorn Road.

Homeschooling and ParentingHomeschooling and Parenting
Miss Profe presents Top Ten List For Parents posted at It’s A Hardknock Teacher’s Life.

Marjorie presents Where Experts Fear to Tread posted at Life Without School.

Vjack presents Guest Post: Teaching Lies Jeopardizes America’s Future posted at Atheist Revolution, saying, “Thought-provoking discussion of the impact of “Christian” education (home, parochial or ‘bible’ schools) on the future of America.”

Higher Education

Higher Education
Mark Montgomery presents Why Go To Harvard? One Man’s Story posted at Great College Advice.

Bob O’Hara presents The Collegiate Way Comes to Birmingham posted at Higher Education News from the Collegiate Way, saying, “Recommendations for improving undergraduate life at a large pubic university.”

Patrick A. Sizemore presents 10 Ways to Improve Note Taking Skills posted at College Information for Smart Students.

Matthew Paulson presents What to Do When You Can’t Afford to Pay for College Anymore » American Consumer News posted at American Consumer News.

Richas solis presents Choosing a Dissertation Topic posted at Blog: guide on how to write essays, courseworks, dissertations, assignments. Essay help, Dissertation Assistance, GCSE Coursework, saying, “A person who is not really familiar in sentence construction may have a hard time in communicating with other people. This is also the same when it comes to writing papers.”

Carol Richtsmeier presents Semester Exemptions, Counting Computers & Singing Kanye West (Again) posted at Bellringers.


Larry Ferlazzo presents The Best Websites For Learning About Civic Participation & Citizenship posted at Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites Of The Day For Teaching ELL, ESL, & EFL.

Daniel Lafleche presents A fascinating clip from the film Malaria Parasites posted at Film and Video Marketplace Blog, saying, “Why is it that 30 years ago malaria in Africa was no more serious than the flu? This 5-minute educational video provides an overview on what has happened. Can be a useful resource for related lessons.”

Bill Ferriter presents Twitter-ific Success… posted at The Tempered Radical, saying, “This piece describes the valuable role that Twitter can play in the development of an individual’s personal learning network.”

Mathew Needleman presents Inspiration for Filmmakers and Film Teachers posted at Open Court Blog.

Elsom Eldridge presents Create and Publish Your Book NOW posted at International Guild of Professional Consultants and Coaches.

Ted Reimers presents Using Wikipedia in Research posted at CampusGrotto.

Alex presents Essays Examples – A Typical Essay posted at Blog: guide on how to write essays, courseworks, dissertations, assignments. Essay help, Dissertation Assistance, GCSE Coursework, saying, “When it comes to essay writing there is an overload of information. But there is nothing like a few essays examples to show the reader what an essay is all about.”


 Carnival Business
That concludes this edition. Thanks to EdWonk for sharing the Carnival of Education with us all.  Submit your blog article to the next edition of The Carnival of Education using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. So You Want To Teach? Says:

    links from Technoratijd2718 added me to his March link updates. He also said I’m a great idea and very helpful. Awww, thanks! Wow, where has the time gone? I’ve been featured in a handful of carnivals lately. This includes the 154th,155th, 159th, and 160th. Speaking of carnivals, I will be hosting the March 19th edition of the Carnival of Education. Entries may be submitted any time from this Wednesday through 11pm EST on Tuesday March 18th. Get your self-promotion skills ready! Also,

  2. : Education and School Issues, News and Analysis Says:

    links from TechnoratiThis is an excellent first step toward separating the legitimate opportunities for online degrees from the pretenders – and worse, the diploma mills – that weigh down the industry. ——————– The Carnivals are Live! You can check out the155th Edition of the Carnival of Educationover at The Median Sib and the Carnival of Homeschooling at Alasandra’s. ——————– Congratulations to Darren of Right on the Left Coast for his 3rd year blogging anniversary. Congratulations are also in order for D-Ed Reckoning, who

  3. Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub Says:

    links from Technoratiwarning that popped up during class. Pay particular attention to her use of the LCD projector and live television link. Odds are that your classroom can’t support such teaching, as mine cannot right now. The rest ofCarnival of Education #155 plays out at Median Sib. But I’m much farther behind. #156 resides at Creating Lifelong Learners. #157 can be found at Colossus of Rhodey. #158 moves in at Instructify. That one features this post (from Creating Lifelong Learners) about using your iPod in class to high

  4. NOIRLECROI.COM - Spiritual. Secular. Whole. The Sum is Self Development. Says:

    links from Technoraticarnivals or mentioned mine on their blog. If you should be on this list and I have not included you, email me and I’ll make it right. History Is Elementary Carnival of Struggling Bumbling Newbies Cultivate Greatness Creating Lifelong LearnersThe Median SibMillard Fillmore’s Bathtub So You Want To Teach Pets Garden Blog – grrlscientist Education Wonks Live The Power! The Next 45 Years Writer’s Block Matt-a-matical Thinking

  5. Staring At Empty Pages Says:

    links from TechnoratiPointers to this fortnight’s blog carnivals:Skeptics’ Circle #79.Carnival of the Liberals #57.Carnival of the Decline of Democracy #2.28, including “The press and the election”.Carnival of Feminists #52.Carnival of Education #155.Carnival of Education #156.Carnival of Mathematics #25.Carnival of the Godless #85.

  6. Sorting Out Science Says:

    links from TechnoratiThe past week’s selection of “sciencey” blog carnivals, for your reading pleasure: Berry Go Round #1 (a new carnival, all about plants) Boneyard XIIThe Carnival Of Education – 155th EditionCarnival of the Green #112 Carnival of Mathematics – Silver Jubilee Edition Change of Shift: Volume 2, Number 14 Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival 33 Friday Ark #175 Grand Rounds: Volume 4, No. 19

  7. Po Moyemu--In My Opinion Says:

    links from TechnoratiFrom Scratch! I love this blog carnival because making anything from scratch is usually much more “green” and good for the soul. So let’s get on with it…” MIFS #48 was hosted by To Motherhood and Beyond. Here are a few other carnivals of interest:Carnival of education #155, at the Median Sib, and #154 at Eduwonkette. Carnival of the recipes #19, featuring “recipes of comfort”at Hillbilly Willy, and the next should be out today sometime. I and the Bird #67, at Trevor’s Birding: Let’s all go on a birding holiday.

  8. The Education Wonks - Thoughts And Ideas Freely Exchanged Says:

    links from Technoratithan 8:00 PM (Eastern) 5:00 PM (Pacific) Today. Contributions should include your site’s name, the title of the post, and the post’s URL if possible. Visit last week’s midway, hosted by The Median Sib,right here. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the midway should open Wednesday.

  9. Scheiss Weekly. Just as it says. Says:

    links from TechnoratiCarnival of Education

  10. Let’s play math! Says:

    links from TechnoratiCarnival of Educationcurrentarchive Carnival of Homeschooling current archive graphic design contest Carnival of Mathematics current archive Other Teacher Potluck Carnival Education Technology Carnival Thomas Jefferson Education

  11. Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... Says:

    links from TechnoratiHere are some of the latest most interesting and helpful Blog Carnivals that have been posted:Carnival of Education(the 155th Edition!) Tangled Bank Science Carnival (the 97th Edition) Day/Week In A Sentence

  12. Brain Fitness, Training and Exercise guidance for individuals, companies and institutions. Says:

    links from TechnoratiHere you have a few good recent blog carnivals (collections of selected blog posts around specific topics)  – Tangled Bank: science-related posts across a variety of disciplines.  – 2 editions of the Carnival of Education:this week and last one. – HR carnival: because “human resources” have brains, too. – Medicine 2.0: how web 2.0 can enhance the practice of medicine. – Change of Shift: nursing topics. – Gene Genie: human genetics.

  13. It’s A Hardknock Teacher’s Life Says:

    links from TechnoratiRecent Comments jd2718 on Are Pop Quizzes a Good Idea?…Julia on Are Pop Quizzes a Good Idea?…The Median Sib on Top Ten List For ParentsJeanine on Cheater’s Delightjd2718 on Homeschooling Catches a Fire A…

  14. ScienceBlogs Says:

    links from Technorati… is here.Read the comments on this post…

  15. Buckhorn Road Says:

    links from TechnoratiIt’s up and running atThe Median Sib. Strike while the iron is hot, and take note that my post about my “Green” teaching colleague has been included for the world’s reading pleasure! Good Day to You, Sir

  16. Bellringers Says:

    links from Technorati155 Carnival of Education

  17. NYC Students Blog Says:

    links from TechnoratiCheck it out right this second!All the Edu-Goodness you could ever want– and all in one place!

  18. Successful Teaching Says:

    links from TechnoratiThe 155th Carnival of Education

  19. Great College Advice Says:

    links from TechnoratiCarnival of Education

  20. Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher Says:

    links from TechnoratiThis week’s installment is atThe Median Sib, and includes my post about maternity leave for high school students.

  21. Random Thoughts of a Teacher Says:

    links from TechnoratiCheck out the latestCarnival of Educationwhich is being hosted this week by The Median Sib. I submitted two posts that I would like feedback on. One is What are you Reading? and the other is about creating a peaceful classroom. I would enjoy hearing your thoughts or suggestions.

  22. Atheist Revolution Says:

    Carnival of Education…

    The 155th edition of the Carnival of Education is up at The Median Sib……

  23. Mathew Says:

    Great job hosting.

  24. Darren Says:

    Nicely done. Thank you for including my post.

  25. elementaryhistoryteacher Says:

    Wow, lots of great stuff to shuffle through. Thanks for hosting and including my little post. )

  26. Mark Says:

    Many thanks for hosting. Great, clean look, easy to read, and chocky-jam-full of great info.

    Much obliged!

  27. Mike Cruz Says:

    Great Carnival. Thanks so much for providing this forum for educators to share and inform.

  28. Ms. Mize Says:

    Thank you for putting all time into this carnival! It is wonderful. Thank you for including my posts, as well.

  29. EdWonk Says:

    Lot’s of Bloggy Goodness here!

  30. vjack Says:

    Great job hosting such an extensive carnival. The lead photo is great, and the layout makes posts easy to find. I plan to use this as a model next time I host a blog carnival.

  31. Scott McLeod Says:

    Thanks for including a link to the survey. Much, much appreciated!

    Also, that was Jon Becker’s post at LeaderTalk, not mine… =)

  32. Mike Arnzen Says:

    Awesome list of articles! I have a lot of reading to catch up with!

    — Pedablogue

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    Finally got all of them read. Thanks for doing this!

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