Freedom of speech isn’t valued much in France. Brigitte Bardot has been sentenced to a hefty fine for insulting Islam. I wonder if the French courts fine Muslims who insult Christians or Jews? I really doubt it.

Brigitte Bardot

PARIS — Former French film star and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot has been fined 15,000 euros ($23,160) for remarks insulting Muslims.

A Paris court fined the animal rights campaigner for her repeated verbal attacks on the Muslim feast of Eid al-Adha, which involves slaughtering a sheep, among other Islam traditions.

Bardot, already fined four times since 1997 for similar racial incidents, will have to pay the hefty fine in addition to damages to several anti-racism organizations.

Bardot’s lawyer Francois-Xavier Kelidjian told French newspaper Le Monde that it is doubtful Bardot will appeal because she is “tired” of trials. Bardot was not present for the most recent decision.

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