The past three weeks, my little family has been dealing with the possibility that our precious 33-year old daughter - known here as “Stinkeroo” - might have inflammatory breast cancer. If you read about that type of cancer, it’ll scare you: aggressive, rare, hard to treat. As I read about IBC online, I realized that Stinkeroo’s symptoms were textbook - right down the line. We were all scared - and the slow-moving ways of the medical folks didn’t help alleviate our worry.

After appointments with various doctors, after sonograms, mammograms, and several biopsies - and that agonizing week-long wait for final biopsy results - we have the results. No malignant cells found. Today Stinkeroo has an appointment with a breast specialist who will hopefully be able to determine what is going on. We can now breathe again.

In the meantime, enjoy my theme song for the results:

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