There’s a new word making the rounds: Gastrosexuals. A gastrosexual is simply a man who knows how to cook. Many men are taking cooking classes in order to make themselves more appealing to women. Gastrosexuals use cooking a gourmet meal for a woman as a type of foreplay.


Here’s the report:

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach but it seems the dining tables have turned as increasing numbers of men are taking up cooking in a bid to seduce women.

Dubbed ‘Gastrosexuals’ this new generation of men consider cooking more a hobby than a household chore and use their kitchen prowess to impress friends and prospective partners.

Men having the ability to cook is also now a key factor in attracting women along with salary, status, personality and appearance, according to new research.

I’ve had men prepare meals for me – and it was always very nice. Working together to make a meal is even more romantic, in my opinion.

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