Update 9/10/08: It was announced today that Elizabeth Smart would appear on the Oprah show to talk about her kidnapping experience.

Originally posted on 6/12/08: I was at the grocery store awhile ago, and the current People magazine caught my eye. On the cover was a photo of Elizabeth Smart I don’t buy magazines off the stand very often, but I bought that magazine. Later, as I read the story, I was struck first by how mature and poised she is, and then by how beautiful she is.
People Magazine: Elizabeth Smart

Some quotes from Elizabeth Smart:

“I always knew that no matter what, I’d still be part of my family. They could change my name, change the way I look, starve me to death. But they couldn’t change that I am Ed and Lois Smart’s daughter. That was a very powerful thing to me.”

“It’s just not worth holding on to that kind of hate. It can ruin your life. Nine months of my life had been taken from me, and I wasn’t going to give them any more of my time.”

“Before, I was just your average Mormon girl. And since everything I’ve gone through, there’s been a lot of learning and growing. I’ve learned to listen and not jump to conclusions. I’m not sorry this happened to me anymore, because it made me grow up.”

“It is important to remember that just because something bad happens to you, it doesn’t mean you are bad. You are still entitled to every possible happiness in life.”

Elizabeth Smart

What impressed me most about Elizabeth Smart is that she has refused to be a “victim.” The first night she was home after her abduction, she insisted on sleeping in her own bed – the bed from which she had been abducted nine months earlier. She proved to others – and herself – that she would still be there in the morning. Many people would let that horrific experience scar them for life. They might move to get away from the bad memories and associations. Instead, Elizabeth has learned from it and resolved to make her life better. She has taken charge of her own life and has refused to let that experience define who she is. She is a brave and impressive young woman.

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6 Responses to “Elizabeth Smart Rises Above Kidnapping”

  1. Elizabeth Smart on Cover People Magazine - The Salt Lake Tribune's TribTalk Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[…] an interesting website which has qoutes from Elizabeth Smart: http://themediansib.com/2008/06/12/e…ve-kidnapping/ From above link: “I always knew that no matter what, I’d still be part of my family. They could […]

  2. elizabeth smart | Oops News Says:

    Kramer auto Pingback[…] Elizabeth Smart Rises Above KidnappingOn the cover was a photo of Elizabeth Smart As I read the story, I was struck by how mature and beautiful she is. Some quotes from Elizabeth Smart:. “I always knew that no matter what, I’d still be part of my family. … […]

  3. Mrkicke Says:

    She and her father have milked this ‘kidnapping’ for all they can. Meeting with press, presidents, politicians, celebs–Larry King, Oprah, etc–and TV spots.

    He’s a freak for parading his “raped” daughter around like some commodity. She’s a friggin’ Stepford Wife in the making. Unlikeable in her arrogant goody-two shoes attitude.

    And the harp? Give me a break, she’s a Mormon from SLC not some upper-echelon classicist. More trailer park commoner than cultured Boston Brahman.

    She was already in the LDS cult.

    Elizabeth Smart was weak as well. A 7 year old girl escaped her captors in 24 hours fighting her way out. Smart spent nine months with Mitchell and fell under his spell even crying for him when she was caught and refusing to cooperate at first.

    She was weak and compliant like a good Mormon girl and no one wants to point it out.

    What is also odd is no therapy has been attempted. It’s as if a third-party outside the family might find something out. Very weird.

  4. Ruth Shaw Says:

    Carol…The Middle Sib post about Elizabeth Smart is beautiful and so true, It is hard to believe there would be anyone who would write a hate filled letter about her and her father “milking the kidnapping.” I do not agree with the Morman religion but these are good people who have lived through a horrible experience in a most “Christ like” example …

  5. MichelleyLynn Says:

    I dont really understand why people are calling Elizabeth weak and all of that. I am 14 years old now and I am doing a school report on her. She was a brave girl; she never gave up on faith like most people would. Most people would ask why God did that to them or what they did to deserve it. But Elizabeth always just seemed to be so brave and even though she was afraid, she never cracked when it came to her kidnappers. And she isnt just trying to get on t.v. either. Is it bad that she is trying to get bills and things out there for missing and exploited children so things like that dont happen again? It’s all jut one big t.v. fame thing with someone else but when it comes to your child or family member, thats a whole different story. I dont think that is right at all. Mrkicke, remember this; what comes around, goes around. whether you like it or not. And one more piece of information; Elizabeth Smart played the harp BEFORE she was kidnapped so I don’t quite understand how that is just used to make her seem more angelic or what ever. Elizabeth is a great person.

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