Gianna Jessen was on Hannity and Colmes tonight. Gianna Jessen is the real thing. I actually have a connection with her, and I’ve met her in person. She has been in the news before on the abortion issue. I’ve got three videos for you. The first two are of a speech that she gave in Australia just a week ago. The third is of her appearance on Hannity and Colmes tonight. Is it just me, or was Colmes really obnoxious to her?

Gianna Jessen’s story comes down to the fact that it isn’t about a woman’s “right to choose.” When a woman “chooses” to have an abortion, there is no consideration for the baby’s choice. It is the killing of an innocent life. It is documented to be painful for the baby. Out of sight – out of mind. It’s not a women’s issue. Watch and listen to the video. The business of abortion is a major money maker. Making it part of the so-called women’s movement just masks what is really going on.

Sometimes I feel badly for people who are so indoctrinated with the leftist talking points that they can’t see the absolute moral corruption of their political beliefs. They talk about how horrible abortion is and how it’s such a difficult decision to make and how they want to make it so that there aren’t so many abortions – but then they say that it must be a personal decision, and they can’t legislate a woman’s personal choice. That’s simply bullshit. Apparently, however, that’s the only way they can try to justify to themselves supporting such an immoral practice.

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15 Responses to “Gianna Jessen, Abortion Survivor”

  1. Cassandra Says:

    It’s just you. it’s an outrage that Jessen would imply than Obama wants to kill babies. Colmes bent over backwards to be polite to her while she continued to smear someone just because they have a difference of opinion. I think he was too polite.

  2. isabel Says:

    Cassandra, why is that an outrage? Obama wants to allow abortion up through the ninth month of pregnancy – even up to not resuscitating babies that happen to survive an abortion. That’s called “killing babies.” What exactly do you think abortion is – even when it occurs early in the pregnancy?

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  4. Jane Says:

    I agree with you Carol. He kept insisting she was accusing Obama of infanticide (his word, not hers) and she just kept asking him what he would call it. I don’t care if there was already a law in Illinois about something similar, he voted AGAINST giving an aborted baby, delivered alive, medical care that might save the baby. I don’t want someone with those views to be my President.
    How can ANYone look at her and say that an abortion is not killing a baby. She was certainly more than tissue or cells. She was a BABY!

  5. kay Says:

    If anyone asked Gianna Jessen ‘are you a who?’ She would answer, ‘yes. I am a who.’ If someone could have asked her while in the womb, ‘are you a who?’ the same girl that is here now, would have then answered ‘yes’, no matter what her name would have been at the time.

    Why is it that a life is called a life? If the life can be called a what or a who, one day that life will be referred to as you.

    Please think about that when you speak about the right of anyone who contemplates taking the life of another.

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  9. ADS Says:

    Cassandra is blindly spewing rubbish for Obama…
    Funny Colmes would accuse her of saying Obama was in favor of infanticide, which she never claimed…. guilt much Colmes?

    A great majority of women that have chosen late term abortions will admit the mental and emotional hell they go through after having gone through the abortion procedure… the great majority of the balance will suffer through the aftermath never realizing why they are stumbling through life with depression related issues.

    **Full disclosure…I regretfully admit I am one that has dealt with this reality for many years…I know from where I speak.

    I can tell you this….if I could be told that the child I chose to late term abort, had actually lived by the grace of God and a humane nurse… I would be more at peace..and would do anything I could to make sure that child and saviours of that child were supported.

    Unfortunately, my procedure (method in which the late term abortion was performed) does not hold out that possibility… so rightfully, I get to live with what I did..and the decision I made.

    These four votes, and the mindset behind it is inhumane, period!

  10. beth Says:

    Obama has put out an ad calling her appearances a dishonest attack on him.

    That doesn’t really surprise me seeing as he would have left her to die at birth. He obviously doesn’t value her life now anymore than he would have then.

  11. Curtis Says:

    A more in-depth view, and, in my mind, balanced for those that are interested.

    Weary of the vitriol…

  12. Paul M. Says:

    Curtis, I find it difficult to conceive of a “balanced” view of abortion. Maybe I’m just simple that way. And I still don’t trust Barack Obama and his position on the issue.

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  14. Chris Says:

    I love this woman!! She is a living miracle! Her story gives me goosebumps! What an inspiration for Pro-life!

  15. Dianna Crisanti Says:

    nice )

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