RT and I were walking in our woods yesterday and found a persimmon tree loaded with ripe fruit – with lots of fruit on the ground underneath. We decided that we wanted to use the bounty from our land to make something.

Wild Persimmon Tree

We settled on persimmon jam, and RT went back and picked a basket of the fruit this afternoon.

He washed the fruit and mashed them. Then he pushed the fruit through a strainer to get out the seeds. He ended up with about 2 cups of pulp. To that we added 3 cups of sugar and then boiled the fruit/sugar mixture for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, we prepared canning jars in boiling water. We added one package of powdered pectin to the persimmon/sugar mixture and boiled it for about a minute. Then we ladeled the mixture into the jars. It made about 3 1/2 jars of jam – 8 ounces each.

Wild Persimmon Jam

Needless to say, RT is very proud of his first efforts at canning.

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4 Responses to “RT’s Wild Persimmon Jam”

  1. Jane Says:

    WOW! Ya’ll are truly ‘living off the land’, aren’t you??? I bet the jam will be delicious.

  2. ruth shaw Says:

    My goodness…you are back to your old style…writing two posts a day and making four jars of jam!!!! You can see why everyone worries if you go a week without writing. Nobody expects much out of the rest of us. Congratulations. Thanks for the call tonight. I was at church. we have started a Sunday night Service in addition to 3 Sunday morning services as Trinity continues to grow. Roy , jim and I take turns preaching on Sunday night.

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