It isn’t all that often that a show like “The Biggest Loser” has people who are just plain mean. However, this season’s show has two women – Heba and Vicky – who are mean-spirited and without class or scruples – and their respective husbands aren’t much better. The husbands just aren’t quite as vocal in their hostility. Heba and Vicky decided they didn’t like one contestant, Phil, and they have proceeded to say and do cruel and hateful things to him – even saying hateful things to his wife and to the camera that they know will be on national TV.

The Biggest Loset - Heba The Biggest Loser - Vicky

The Biggest Loser’s Mean Women – Heba and Vicky

I think at one point in the game, Phil said something to one of the contestants that indicated he was playing the game rather than falling in with Heba’s and Vicky’s takeover of the game, and they decided to demonize him from that point on. And they’re just too self-absorbed to see that what they’re doing is so much worse. They long ago went beyond simply standing up for themselves, competing and playing a game.

I’m always curious how people like that can live with themselves, and I’ve decided that some people just look at things differently. They obviously have justified their words and actions to themselves. They decided that Phil was their enemy – and so every mean word and action of theirs is justified – in their own minds. It’s like they don’t have a conscience and don’t have a sense of basic fairness and simple decency.

I remember on “Survivor” when Johnny Fairplay created a scenario where he was told his grandmother had died in order to gain sympathy from the other contestants and an edge in the competition. Despicable – and total gamesmanship. Heba and Vicky aren’t gaming – they’re just showing how petty and mean-spirited they are. I sincerely hope neither becomes “The Biggest Loser” this season. That would just be wrong.

I believe that bad people will eventually get what’s coming to them, and if I’m right, the future isn’t so bright for people like Heba and Vicky. I think of their friends and family at home. There’s no way that their friends could honestly trust them again, and their family is likely embarrassed by their behavior.

Update: Uh-oh. On tonight’s show, Amy voted against Brady, Vicky’s husband, and that was the deciding vote to put him off the show. Now I’ll bet Vicky aims her meanness at Amy since both Phil and his wife are off the show. I hope Amy will stand up to Vicky and Heba, and hopefully the Vicky-Heba influence on the game will start to weaken.

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