This morning I mentioned to RT that he had some comments on the poems of his that I had published here a few days ago – here, here and here. After I read the comments to him, he said, “Random Cabin” might be calling soon.

“Random Cabin?” I asked – totally clueless about what he was referencing.

“Well, Random House might not be interested.”

It is obvious that I was meant to be with RT because I am still laughing. I so “get” his humor.

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4 Responses to ““Random Cabin” might call”

  1. Jane Says:

    That was very clever on RT’s part!!

  2. ruth shaw Says:

    Tell RT when Random Cabin publishes his poems, recommend mine to Random Hut.

  3. carol Says:

    Ruth, RT was happy that you “got” his humor. He got a good chuckle out of your response.

  4. Jack Says:

    Random House, Random Cabin, Random Hut, Random Tent… it’s be lucky to get random cave

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