Last Christmas Eve we had our two children, their spouses and our two granddaughters over for a Christmas Eve celebration. RT’s mother was here, too. We exchanged gifts and had a wonderful time together. Since RT and I were heading to his mother’s house in Georgia soon after Christmas, our son and his wife gave us the gifts they had bought for our two nieces there.

“Will you take these gifts to London and Laney?” they asked.

“Sure,” we replied, “Well deliver the Christmas gifts. They’ll have them within a couple days.”

Christmas Gifts
Undelivered Christmas Gifts

Approximately eleven months later, I just took those gifts off the shelf in the pantry where they’ve sat since we forgot them last Christmas, and put them on the sofa so that I will remember THIS TIME to take them with us on our trip to Georgia. Better late than never – right?

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3 Responses to “Last year’s Christmas gifts”

  1. sister patricia Says:

    so you’re human. i forget stuff all the time. they’re gifts – not lifesaving medicine. don’t sweat the small stuff.

  2. leaf hopper Says:

    These gifts will mean more because they’ll be received before all the others this year. The lateness will make them unique. Say you planned it that way.

  3. Emmaleigh Says:

    thas funny

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