Lily’s Garden is my granddaughter’s website. We’re working to get the word to as many people as possible that childhood cancer research is majorly underfunded, and that has to change.

Lily's Garden - Weeding out Leukemia

I challenge any politician to go to a children’s cancer ward of a hospital. Spend some time there. Talk with the parents. Talk with the children. Then go back to your law- and policy-making business and DO something to change things. There is a cure somewhere. There is a prevention somewhere. We just have to raise enough money to provide the research necessary to find them.

Lily's Garden - Weeding out Leukemia

Just spend a small fraction of what you’re dishing out to poorly managed companies, or what you’re giving to ANIMAL DISEASE research, or what’s being spent on conservation, and that should do the trick. It truly is a national disgrace that we spend so little to save our most important national resource - our children.

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