Lily actually went to school for two hours yesterday! We did not think she’d be able to return to school at all this school year. She was thrilled, and she loved it. She starts a more intense phase of chemo in less than two weeks. So the school visit was something the doctors suggested she do in order to have as much normalcy as possible before she has to be restricted again.

Who would’ve ever thought a couple months ago that going to school for a couple of hours would be such a monumental treat?

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  1. ruth shaw Says:

    I am so very glad Lily went to school for two hours and enjoyed it so much! What an amazing child! And what an amazing mother she has! I think you and I and just about all mothers could identify with Larisa writing that she just wanted to stand there and watch how happy Lily looked to be sitting her her school desk again. I suppose we are all learning more than we ever wanted to know from all this. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers my darling! I wish i could do more. I am anxious to see and wear one of the wrist bands.

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