So it’s Monday morning – and the summer lies ahead, along with retirement. I started Weight Watchers anew this morning. I can keep my food diary on my Droid, and I have a Wii Fit upstairs that I pledge to use 5 days a week.

Today is one of Ron’s and my anniversaries. 41 years ago today we were married for the first time. I’ve never taken the time to figure out exactly how long we’ve been married. Married 6/7/69, divorced 12/18/97, remarried 9/5/06. Someday I’ll figure it out. For now, I figure 28 1/2 years the first time, and then add 3+ years the second time. So we’re into 31+ years. We should’ve remarried on December 18th, and then we could have just picked up where we left off in counting. -)

In my exciting schedule, I have a dentist appointment at noon today. Tomorrow I have an appointment for my yearly mammogram. Fun times! I’ll fit a hair highlight/cut appointment in either today or tomorrow if my hairdresser can schedule it. Then I’ll drive down to my mother’s for a couple days later this week.

Goals for this week:
(1) stick to Weight Watchers points maximum each day
(2) exercise each day
(3) keep basic household chores caught up (laundry, dishes, bed, watering plants, general straightening)
(4) have healthy dinner prepared each evening
(5) do something for someone else each day
(6) do something FUN each day

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