This morning I took a walk through the woods on the acreage around our house. Since I was walking alone, I took my cell phone and my handgun. As I walked the paths that Ron had so painstakingly made, I was thinking about the uneven ground and how I had to be careful. After awhile, I arrived back at our house. Since I was a couple minutes under my planned 30-minute walk, I decided to walk around the yard for a few minutes. As I walked on the side of the yard near the AC units, I suddenly stepped into a hole – a hole that I didn’t see because the grass covered it up. It was maybe six or seven inches deep. Wham! I immediately pitched forward, landing hard on my right wrist. My cell phone and gun both flew out of my coat pockets. The gun was in a small holster – so there wasn’t any danger of it going off. I just report how they flew out of the pockets to show the force of the fall.

My first thought was “Oh no! Did I break anything?” I used my walking pole to help me sit up and then stand. I picked up and re-pocketed my phone and gun. And then started to gingerly limp around – testing my foot and leg. My hand was a little sore – but okay. My left leg and foot – not so sure. I kept walking – limping – trying to figure out if there was any significant injuries. I called Ron. Of course, being me, I couldn’t talk to him without crying. He wanted to hurry home and take me to the emergency room. After talking for a few minutes and continuing to walk, I convinced him I was okay.

It is now an hour later. I’m sitting in my recliner, and I’m no longer sure I’m okay. I’ve wrapped ice and ace bandages around my foot and leg – and both my foot and leg are aching and throbbing. I walked to the kitchen to get some cereal (hadn’t had breakfast yet) and had a really difficult time getting there and back. Damn! I sure hope I didn’t break a bone.

So why did I title this post “Ironies”? Because I was worried about being injured on the uneven wood trails – but in our yard where I walk all the time, where there are no apparent dangers and where I never considered being injured – that’s where I fell.

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2 Responses to “Ironies”

  1. Norma Says:

    Since you wrote this on Monday and I’m reading it on Saturday, I’m assuming you’ve had a x-ray and professional opinion. I hope all is OK.

  2. carol Says:

    Actually, no I haven’t been to see a doctor. It has hurt all week – but I’m fairly certain that there’s nothing a doctor would advise that I’m not doing. It’s just a matter of giving it enough time to heal.

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