I have a friend, JeNan, who started a blog a few weeks ago. As I read her posts, it reminded me of what this blog was like in the beginning – before I got bogged down in political writing and trying to write things that were SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimization). I put Google Ad-sense in my blog – hoping to make some money – and I did. Not much – but some. I would search Google “trends” and work hard to write a story on whatever topic was the hot trend at any given moment. Anything to get more traffic since Ad-Sense pays more when more people see their ads.

I learned about how to use key words in my posts so that they’d hopefully show up on the first page of Google searches. If you Google “Remarrying Ex-Spouse, ” a post I wrote 6 years ago comes up on the first page of results. I still have people leaving comments on that post. If you Google “Silence Your Rooster” TMS shows up. Even with no new posts in over a year, I still get over 200 hits each day. Apparently there are quite a few topics that will still put The Median Sib on the first page of Google results.

So I got away from the purpose and inspiration for this blog. In the beginning of The Median Sib, I wrote almost entirely about things in my life – what I was thinking about, my family, my experiences.

The Median Sib will get back to that original purpose. Starting now. If JeNan can write daily for a month, then surely I can write two or three times a week. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I haven’t done much writing lately.

So what DO I want to write about? I’m retired now. For the first time in my adult life, I HAVE the time to write. My goal over the next week is to think about the direction I want to take in my writing. Do I want to write a children’s book? Do I want to write non-fiction? Fiction? However, I want to take JeNan’s advice and WRITE – not just think about it.

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