Ron and I are getting more and more into “the land” and being self-sufficient. I continue to enjoy raising chickens – and I’ve got a steady customer base for the eggs my chickens lay. I get around 7 dozen a week now. Not a huge amount, but enough to keep me busy at times. Ron set up two beehives this week – and we should start reaping the sweet rewards of that endeavor in about a year. So summer 2013 we’ll try the first honey from our bees. And our garden this year is beautiful! I already use the herbs almost daily in my cooking.

Yesterday I cooked a pot roast, and it was very satisfying to walk a few steps outside and pick parsley, rosemary and thyme to go with it. The roast was so flavorful.

Today I ordered a food dehydrator. It will be here in a couple days. I plan to start now with drying herbs and packaging them for later. I still have some of the herbs that I blended with olive oil and froze last fall. So I imagine when I dry them this year, I’ll again have way more than I’ll ever personally use. However, I can share with friends and family. I’m anxious to dry stevia and see how easily I can use it for sweetening things. It’d be great if it will work out for that. Stay tuned.

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One Response to “Gardening and Chickens and Bees”

  1. Utenzi Says:

    I thought we had plenty of chickens (15) but if you’re getting 7 dozen eggs a week, you must have a butt load of them. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the dehydrator. I bought my girlfriend one for her birthday and she’s been using it a lot.