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Sunday Seven – What I’m Looking Forward to this Thanksgiving Week

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and I’m looking forward to these seven things:

(1) Seeing and visiting with many of my family members at my mother’s on Thursday

(2) Seeing and visiting with my husband’s family at his mother’s on Friday – and that visit will also include walking over the property we own there - beautiful wooded countryside

(3) My mother’s cornbread dressing – NO one makes it quite as good – and also her yeast rolls

(4) My mother-in-law’s sweet potatoe souffle’ – and also her sweet tea

(5) Being with RT for five days 24/7 – flying in his plane, hiking in the woods, talking, taking photographs

(6) Seeing my granddaughters at my mother-in-law’s house (I’ve never had the opportunity of seeing them in that context, and I’m looking forward to it)

(7) Taking the time to be especially thankful for the many blessings that I have

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Sunday Seven – I’m back!

Sunday, July 9th, 2006

1. After several days of moving, I’m blogging again. I still don’t have my computer set up because I’ve got to have time to figure out HOW to set up my computer. I think I have to get a router so I can hook into PawPaw’s DSL line. Not sure how to do that – so I’ll go to the store later this week and ask. In the meantime, I’ll use PawPaw’s computer.

2. I’ve moved everything – except part of the kitchen. Moving is the pits. I’ll get up early in the morning and head back over to my townhouse and try to finish up the kitchen. I’ve got an ENORMOUS stack of stuff to take to Goodwill, a LARGE stack of trash, and various and sundry items to either take to the storage room or bring over to PawPaw’s house.

3. PawPaw had to leave this afternoon for Texas, and he’ll be gone until Thursday evening. That means I have four night at his house (guess it’s my house now, too) by myself. Quite honestly, his house is a little spooky. No security system, no deadbolts (at least none that work), and it’s off on 5 acres by itself – set back from the road. My son had promised to loan me his dog this week, but he never showed up with him. I was actually looking forward to spending this week with Hank. At least he’d provide a little protection.

4. One good thing about PawPaw’s house is that the waterfall, hill and field behind his house can be seen from the bed. First thing this morning, PawPaw told me to look out the window. There was a buck and doe on the hillside – just walking around munching on the grass. They were beautiful, and they wandered around for a few minutes. The buck’s antlers were very velvety.

5. This afternoon when I was unloading one of three carloads of “stuff” at PawPaw’s, there was a raccoon that came out of the woods and hung around the backyard. I had to shoo him away! I think he’s used to coming up on the porch to eat the cat’s food.

6. Tomorrow my daughter has asked me to drive her to the airport. That’ll be nice because we’ll have a good time talking on the way there.

7. I saved the big news for last. PawPaw and I are officially engaged! This morning we packed a picnic breakfast of bagels, cantaloupe and coffee and took it to the building site. While there, he proposed and gave me a GORGEOUS ring. At church later we talked to the minister about doing the ceremony soon. We haven’t set a date, but it will probably be within a few weeks.

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Sunday Seven – June 5 – 11

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

1.  I’m at my mother’s in Georgia right now.  I drove down on Thursday, and I’ll drive back home this afternoon.  It has been a good visit.  Right now my mother has gone to church.  I stayed here and will fix Sunday dinner for everyone for after church.  It sounds like a big deal, but it’s mostly just heating leftovers.

2.  Along with my sister, Debi, I went with Mother to the doctor in Atlanta on Friday where she got a good report as a follow-up on the surgery she had in November.

3.  My mother is amazing.  Thursday afternoon she was asked if she would pastor a small local church this coming year.  She said YES!  My mother is 83-years old, and she intends to serve the Lord -whenever she is asked and for as long as she is able to serve.

4.  I haven’t seen PawPaw since Monday.  He was out of town on business all week – he flew back into Nashville about a couple hours after I left to drive to my mother’s.  I’m looking forward to getting home this afternoon and seeing him again.

5.  Speaking of PawPaw, he worked the past two days with a bulldozer, clearing the building spot for our house.  He says it looks wonderful, and I can’t wait to see it later today.

6.  My sister, Beth ( came over last night.  She fell the other day and literally can not walk.  She was truly pitiful!  And her leg and foot look horrible with the swelling and bruising.

7.  Debi and I went to a pick-your-own-strawberries farm yesterday morning – full of anticipation.  However, there were virtually no strawberries to pick.  We came home empty-handed.  I’d been looking forward to that since last summer when I went there and picked some of the most delicious strawberries I’d ever eaten.

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Sunday Seven – May 29 – June 4

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

(1) My son and daughter both have a treo and love them.  I want one.  I’m trying to figure out whether or not I can justify getting one.

(2) This next week I have the opportunity to fly with PawPaw to Dallas and then to Savannah.  He’ll be in meetings, and I can sightsee and/or shop. I’m trying to decide if I should go.

(3) Thursday of this next week I’m going to my mother’s (Ruthlace)for a few days.  I’m looking forward to that!  I plan to go to a pick-your-own strawberries place while I’m there. 

(4) My sister Joan (Daddy’s Roses) and her husband just moved less than a mile from my mother.  It’ll be great to see their new home.

(5) Tonight PawPaw and I are going to our daughter’s home for dinner.  Her nickname is Stinkeroo (given to her by my father when she was a baby), and she’s the mother of Sweet Stuff and Sunshine.  I think I will make corn salad – using a recipe my daughter-in-law, Mia, gave me.  She made it for a family dinner a few weeks ago, and it was delicious.

(6) I saw Sweet Stuff yesterday for the first time since she had the procedure to realign her nose on Friday.  She looked great – no bruising or swelling at all.  Yea for modern medicine and the resilience of children!

(7) I feel good.  I’ve stuck to a diet for several days now.  It’s amazing how that changes my whole outlook!  Now I’ve just got to get back into exercizing regularly.

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Sunday Seven – May 1 – 7

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

(1) I’ve been feeling rather yukky since Friday.  The whole stomach upset thing which resulted in an experience I’ve never had before and hope I never have again.  I’ll spare you the details. Suffice it to say at 4:30 yesterday morning I was scrubbing the floor and walls, and one load of laundry has gone through the hot water cycle three times.  And I still feel bad – got a horrible headache.

(2) I tried cross-posting at Blue Star Chronicles while Beth was out of town.  I couldn’t get it to work.  Sorry, Beth.  Everybody, please click over there and visit her so her site meter won’t plummet too far because of lack of new reading material.  She’ll be back this afternoon.

(3) My mother wrote a wonderful post about Liberty in Law – Christianity and America.  VERY much worth reading.

(4) “Immigration protest” is a misnomer.  What’s going on is illegal aliens – i.e. people who have deliberately broken the law and disrespected the United States – are asking for special favors to continue doing so.  It has nothing to do with immigration.

(5) I’m looking forward to seeing Sunshine graduate from water survival class on Tuesday.

(6) I bought another gallon of strawberries from someone who was selling them by the road.  He said he had just picked them that morning.  I made more strawberry jam.  It’s delicious – although with my aforementioned stomach ailments, I’ve only eaten a little of it!

(7) I had my nails done on Thursday.  Yesterday I broke a nail.  That fits in with the general way the past few days have been going. 

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Sunday Seven

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

(1) I just wrote my Sunday Seven, clicked “publish”, and got that #!%#$!%#!! message about “enabling referrers” – and the post was lost forever in cyberspace.  So now I must re-write it.  I really REALLY hate that WordPress doesn’t have a way to preserve posts like that to give the writer a chance to go back and do whatever it is that must be done before posting.  GOT to remember to click “Save and Continue Editing” frequently as I write.  Now my feeble brain doesn’t even remember what I had in that original Sunday Seven.

(2) Tonight we’re going to a fifth Sunday gospel singing at our church.  I think we’ll take Sunshine and Sweet Stuff with us.  I really enjoy these services.  I love the old gospel songs such as “Trust and Obey,” “When The Roll is Called Up Yonder,” “I’ll Fly Away,” and “Standing on the Promises.”  They remind me of going to Camp Meetings with my father when I was a child.

(3) I haven’t seen Sunshine and Sweet Stuff since our impromptu family get-together on Tuesday.  So I’m looking forward to seeing them again this afternoon.

(4) On the flight home yesterday in PawPaw’s Bonanza airplane, there was a lot of turbulence.  At one point, PawPaw had to request permission to go from 6,000 feet to 8,000 feet.  At 6,000 it was a bumpy ride.  At 8,000 feet it was as smooth as could be.  I had never thought about the HEIGHT of wind before.

(5) I’m so fortunate that on that trip to and from Georgia I was with PawPaw for his two MOST difficult landings!  (That was a sarcastic remark, by the way).  There was a strong crosswind each time.  PawPaw handled the plane very well, and I was never worried.  I really enjoy flying with him.  I was sorry, though, that because of the level of wind and the fact that it was going to get worse as the day progressed, that we couldn’t stop for a few hours in Rome to visit with my mother.

(6) Tomorrow is the first of May, and I MUST get serious about the Monthly Marathon!  I will get up and walk at least four or five morning each week during May.  I HAVE to!  There’s the beach in July, and then there’s the trip to Alaska in September. 

(7) There are less than four weeks of school left before summer vacation.  It’s incredible how quickly time goes by. 

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Saturday/Sunday Seven

Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

(1) PawPaw and I ordered the blueprints for our house, and they came on Friday.  We’re having a wonderful time looking at the prints and planning the house.  You can go HERE to see what the house looks like.

(2) On my way to and from work each day I pass a construction site where they’re building a house that looked very similar to the one we will build.  Each day for the past couple of weeks I’ve looked at it as I drove by and noted other details that are like our plan.  Although I was certain that the outside was exactly like our house, I figured the floor plan would probably be different.  Today PawPaw and I drove over there and walked through the house.  They’re in the middle of bricking the outside, and the inside is only framed in at this point.  And . . . . TA DAH!!!  It is our plan – EXACTLY!  It was so much fun to walk through it and see for real what our house will look like in a few months.  It just confirmed our feelings about how much we love the house and the floorplan.  The PawPaw went back over there awhile ago and the owner/builder was there.  They talked awhile, and the guy invited us to come over anytime while the house is in construction to look at it and walk through it.

(3) If you read my posts last week, you know that last Sunday I babysat Sweet Stuff and Sunshine, and within a couple of hours, Sweet Stuff got sick and ended up having a bad case of strep.  Thursday night I babysat them again.  The next day Sunshine was diagnosed with strep.  I told Stinkeroo (my daughter – their mother) that maybe I was like Typhoid Mary — Strep Carol.  However, she assured me that there is strep going around the daycare center. 

(4) PawPaw had strep this past week, too.  First time ever for him, and it threw him for a loop.  He’s usually so hearty and healthy that I think it shocked him to feel so bad – and shocked him even further at how drained it left him.  He’s doing fine now, though.

(5) I feel very fortunate not to have gotten strep this past week after being so directly exposed to it not once, not twice but three times!

(6) TCAP (standardized testing) is over for the year at my school.  YEAH!  We’ll get the scores back at the end of the school year.

(7) I’ve been on a banana sandwich kick the past week. I even had one for breakfast the other day.  Just can’t seem to get enough of ’em.  Maybe my body is needing potassium.  Who knows!

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Sunday Seven – Week of April 10 – 16

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

(1)  No strep throat so far (see previous post).  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

(2) Tomorrow TCAP starts.  That’s the yearly standardized testing at school.  I’ll be giving the test to six children who have modifications allowed.  I will read the test aloud to them — all questions and answer choices — and they will have additional time to complete the test.  Testing will be done in the mornings, Monday through Thursday.

(3) I will also have recess duty each day this week.  The special area teachers take on recess duty for the regular classroom teachers during TCAP week since the teachers don’t get their usual planning periods that week.

(4) PawPaw and I talked to a builder yesterday, and we liked him.  Within a couple days, the builder will give us an estimate for building our house.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the estimate is.

(5) We got up early this morning to attend a sunrise service.  We rushed to get there by 6:30.  The minister was 15 minutes late!  So the service didn’t start until 6:45 a.m.  I thought it was funny that the minister overslept!

(6) After the sunrise service, they had a breakfast at church.  Then I went back home and decided to take a nap.  I slept till almost noon — too late to attend the regular Easter service.

(7) I had my nails done at a new salon on Friday.  A husband/wife team owns the salon, and the man was the one who did my nails.  He did a very good job, and I was impressed.  I guess that makes me sexist to be surprised that a middle-aged man would do such a good job as a manicurist.

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Sunday Seven for April 3 – 9

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

(1) The week went past in a flash. It doesn’t even seem real how quickly the week has gone.

(2) Today (April 9th) is Sweet Stuff’s 5th birthday. I gave balloons to PawPaw since he lives closer to her, and he promised to put them on her mailbox early this morning, along with a birthday card from the two of us.

(3) This afternoon we’ll attend her fifth birthday party which will be held at a bowling alley. I think there are close to THIRTY kids attending. It’s a joint birthday party with a friend whose birthday is the 11th. They’ve shared birthday parties since they were two years old.

(4) I started doing my taxes yesterday. Sigh! This is about the latest I’ve ever procrastinated on them. I always use Turbotax online – takes me about a day. Hopefully, by working a couple hours each night, I’ll have them ready to go by Monday or Tuesday evening.

(5) I’ve found that I enjoy buying clothes for my granddaughters much more than buying toys. I love selecting outfits I think they’ll like. Pink for Sunshine and yellow or blue for Sweet Stuff.

(6) My extended family is quite large, and each year we draw names for Christmas gifts.  This past year I volunteered to keep the list of names.  I am usually very organized. I just don’t lose things like that.  However, I lost the list.  Before Christmas I searched and searched and searched, and finally (since some people in the family had forgotten whose name they had drawn) I had to re-draw names for about half the family.  Five minutes ago I found the original list – in the SAME COMPARTMENT in my desk that I had searched three or four times before Christmas.  I SWEAR, I went through every single sheet of paper before Christmas.  I can’t believe it was RIGHT WHERE I HAD LOOKED IN DECEMBER!  However, today – when I was looking for something else – there it was.  Amazing….and only four months too late.

(7) The weather yesterday was intense.  The tornado damage was mostly in the north part of the Nashville area.  I can only imagine how horrifying it must have been.  It was pretty unsettling just to hear the noise the hail made – first on my car coming home from work and then later on my house after I got home.  An awful and LOUD sound.  And it doesn’t fall gently from the sky either.  It’s like someone is throwing it down full force.  If you haven’t looked at my photos of the hail and the rainbow, scroll down and look at them – just a couple of posts below this one.  The rainbow was so pretty – and so very brief before another hailstorm hit.

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Sunday Seven for March 27 – April 2

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

Seven things about my life between March 27th and April 2nd:

(1) It was my spring break week.  It was nice to be off work for a week – a definite perk of being a teacher.

(2) I spent a lot of time on the land – walking, photographing wild flowers, helping PawPaw do various chores like wrapping a chain around a rock so he could pull it out with the bulldozer, burning brush piles, and making lunch runs to Subway.  My photographs didn’t turn out too well.  I am going to look for a new camera – something I will need on our trip to Alaska in September.

(3) I took Sweet Stuff and Sunshine to Georgia to visit my mother.  They were so excited to see Grandma Ruth, and I was pleased to see that she was looking better and stronger than she had been the last time I visited. (She’s had several surgeries during the past year).

(4) I had intended to stay in Georgia until Sunday afternoon, but I left Saturday evening instead because the girls were ready to get back home to their mother (my daughter).  That meant I missed hearing my mother preach this morning at the local Methodist church.  I’m hated to miss her sermon, but I’m still glad I came home because it gave the girls today to be with their parents before getting back into the school/work routine tomorrow, and it gave me a chance to get settled a little bit before going back to work tomorrow.

(5) Sunshine fell asleep in my arms Friday night, and I held her for several hours while I talked and visited with two of my sisters, one brother, a niece and my mother.  It was very tender to look down and see Sunshine’s peaceful and content face as she slept in my arms.

(6) This morning I went to church with PawPaw.  The sermon was about laziness and greed (sloth and avarice – two of the seven deadly sins).  I have problems with both.  I will probably write about one of his quotes on laziness.

(7) I made chicken and dumplings for my family for dinner Friday night, and when I wrote an email to my extended family inviting anyone who could to come over and eat, I got an email response from my nephew who is in the army stationed in Germany saying he wished he could be there – that one of the things he’s looking forward to when he comes home is a good home-cooked meal.  I wish I could send him some chicken and dumplings.

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