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The Patriotic Terrorist

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

At The Huffington Post, Greg Gutfeld has written a thoughtful post that is generating quite a stir among leftwingers.  Reading the comments to his post is almost more fun than reading the post.  Leftwingers never cease to confirm that they can be the most venomous and vile commenters. 

Here’s what Gutfeld’s wrote:

Whenever I visit this lovely blog, I usually run into someone – a “leftist,” if you will – who finds pleasure in things that make our country or the President look bad. I suppose I could say these angry types are no better than cheerleaders for terrorism. After all, both entities – the left and terrorists – seem to share the same desire: to put the US, humiliatingly, in its place.

But I would be wrong to say such things. Very wrong. Of course, “dissent is patriotic,” and the left is only critical of America because it simply loves our country much more than I do.

That’s why calling them terrorists would be intolerant and pretty shameful.

But what about “patriotic terrorists?”

That’s kinda neat.

What is a patriotic terrorist?

It is an American who claims to love his or her country while enjoying the enemy’s success against said country. It is a person who gets deeply offended if you question their patriotism, while also appearing to share the same ideals of the more spirited folk who like to blow up innocent people.

Patriotic terrorists love America with so much intensity that it appears to the untrained eye that they hate it. But it’s actually the most powerful form of “tough love” known to man, woman and Rosie O’Donnell. Patriotic terrorists love America so much that they realize it needs an intervention – and real terror is the only way to enable that intervention. In fact, to keep a mammoth, arrogant superpower like America in check, terrorism is the only thing we’ve got. Noam Chomsky knew this from the start, making him a patriotic terrorist of the highest order.

This is why he gets the chicks.

Hey, I bet you’ve probably wondered why Al Qaeda hasn’t struck in the US since 9/11. They don’t have to. It has its own offshoot franchise here at work already. Patriotic Terrorists.

Think about how much both groups have in common!

-Both patriotic terrorists and Al Qaeda want the US to abandon Iraq, for that reveals Bush and America to be monstrous, laughable failures. It does not matter to either group that the withdrawal from Iraq will make post-Vietnam look like an afternoon at Ikea shopping for a Hoggbo innerspring mattress.

-For patriotic terrorists and real terrorists, car bombs going off is music to their ears. It proves that you can’t offer democracy to troubled countries, as long as you’ve got terrorists standing in your way. And that’s great news for everyone who believes in checks and balances between the haves and the have nots! (Note: “haves” means the US. “Have nots” means those who hate the US)

-Patriotic terrorists and the more committed terrorists both believe that infractions at Guantanamo Bay are far worse than anything a genocidal dictator could muster, and such horrors possess far more PR potential in denigrating the US than anything involving Ed Begley Jr.

-Both patriotic terrorists and Al Qaeda terrorists believe the US desires to control the Middle East, empower evil Israel and expand it’s power base at the expense of innocent Arab lives. But both groups also realize that the US is too stupid to achieve these goals – and that makes being a patriotic terrorist loads of fun!

Are you a patriotic terrorist?

If you are intensely critical of the US, while tolerating homicidal enemies who condemn everything you previously claimed you are for – human rights, voting rights, gay rights, women’s rights, porn – then you’re a patriotic terrorist.

If you talk about tolerance constantly – and hilariously tolerate genocide and suicide bombers because those actions undermine your more intimate opposition, the American right – then you’re a patriotic terrorist.

The only difference between a patriotic terrorist and a real one? Real terrorists are simply patriotic terrorists who’ve taken the extra step – choosing to actually die for their beliefs – rather than simply talking about them at Spago. If Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and their ilk had real cojones, they’d all be wearing cute black vests – but stuffed with more than dog-eared copies of Deterring Democracy.

Hat tip Blue Star Chronicles.  Read more commentary there and also at Something…and a Half of Something.

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If Thomas Jefferson were president now . . .

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

In looking through my blogroll this afternoon, I found that The Random Yak has an interesting post on what Thomas Jefferson might say about the Iraq war. What do you think?

Learning from Islam: War is the Only Solution, per Thomas Jefferson

Filed under: Just Yaks, PoliYaks, News Yaks — Maniyak @ 10:08 am on January 18, 2007

One prominent Democrat enthusiastically supports the war in Iraq against Islamic terrorism and oppression, President Thomas Jefferson.Most Americans (at least those of us who are not majority members of Congress) heartily agree with the declaration of President Thomas Jefferson, “Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!” About whom was he speaking when he stated this American national policy? About Islamic terrorists, the Muslim pirates and slave traders from Tripoli and the Barbary Coast in the Mediterranean Sea, who who killed, kidnapped, and sold millions of innocent people into slavery and attacked American ships and enslaved their crews from 1776-1800 and on. The Muslim attackers had no previous contact with the United States (which had just become a nation) but they already hated us. The answer to the Islamic propaganda question, “America, ask yourselves, why do we hate you?” is not that America has done anything against Islam but that most Americans are Christians or non-Muslim. Muslims hate Americans and Christians because that is their theology and the teaching of the Qur’an and always has been. Happily some peace-loving Muslims dissent from this religious bigotry and hatred, but where Islamists can make national and public policy, this anti-Christian hatred is the uniform attitude.

Thomas Jefferson was elected President in part because he was pro-war. He despised the ransoms and blood money that the appeasers in Congress had been paying to the Muslim nations to reduce their bloody slave trade and piracy, and as President he sent troops against the Barbary Coast pirates and eventually destroyed the piracy and illicit trade in human souls practiced by the Islamic Barbary States.

What does the Marine anthem say? ”From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, we will fight our country’s battles on the land and on the sea.”

America’s military defeated Islamic terrorism in the early 19th century, and if Thomas Jefferson were leading the Democratic Party today he would despise their cries of appeasement and submission (which is the meaning of the term “Muslim”)and he would support the war in Iraq against Islamic terrorism today.

By the way, that First American-Muslim War against the Barbary States which began in 1801 achieved military victory in 1805, but the Islamic terrorists were not totally defeated, and all the fighting finished, until 1815. The timetable in the present war in Iraq fits the same pattern.

The Muslims are right about one thing: War is the only solution to the conflict between Islam, Christianity and the democratic nations of the West.

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eXtra, eXtra – don’t be eXtravagant with those X’s! – banning the letter “X” in Saudi Arabia

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Apparently the letter “X” is in danger of being banned in Saudi Arabia because it too closely resembles a cross.

The commission’s damning of the letter “X” came in response to a Ministry of Trade query about whether it should grant trademark protection to a Saudi businessman for a new service carrying the English name “Explorer.”

“No! Nein! Nyet!” was the commission’s categorical answer.


Well, never mind that none of the so-called scholars manning the upper ranks of the religious outfit can speak or read a word of English. But their experts who examined the English word “explorer” were struck by how suspicious that “X” appeared. In a kingdom where Friday preachers routinely refer to Christians as pigs and infidel crusaders, even a twisted cross ranks as an abomination.

So after waiting a year, the Saudi businessman, Amru Mohammad Faisal, got his answer: No. But, like so many other Saudi businessmen who suffer from the travesties of the commission, he seemed more baffled than angry. He wrote letters to Saudi newspapers to criticize the cockamamie logic. An article he wrote appeared with his photograph on some Arabian Web sites. It sarcastically invited the commission to expand its edict to the “plus” sign in mathematics and accounting, in order “to prevent filthy Christian conspiracies from infiltrating our thoughts, our beliefs, and our feelings.”

This would have been funny had it not been so sinister.

The Saudi commission has shaped life and death: declared jihad against Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan, banished women from public life, and forced piety at the tip of the whip and the sword. Its edicts have hindered business, education, travel, women’s rights, and life itself, creating a fertile ground for terrorism and producing the 15 Saudis who participated in the September 11, 2001, attacks — and many others like them.

Among the commission’s deeds is the famed 1974 fatwa — issued by its blind leader at the time, Sheik Abdul Aziz Ben Baz — which declared that the Earth was flat and immobile. In a book issued by the Islamic University of Medina, the sheik argued: “If the earth is rotating, as they claim, the countries, the mountains, the trees, the rivers, and the oceans will have no bottom.” Another bright light of the commission, Sheik Abdel-Aziz al-Sheikh, recently stopped a government reform proposal aimed at creating work for women by allowing them to replace male sales clerks in women’s clothing stores. Sheik al-Sheikh damned the idea, saying it was a step “towards immorality and hellfire.” The underlying logic is breathtaking: Women are more protected by buying their knickers from men! Over the years, the commission has rendered Saudi Arabia a true kingdom of darkness. Movie theaters are banned, as are sculptures, paintings, and music, and the mixing of sexes in public.

The commission really has it in for women. They must don the all-enveloping veil, or niqab, in public; they cannot drive themselves nor ride anywhere without a male guardian, and they cannot travel alone domestically or abroad.

The commission also excels at banning the construction of houses of worship — other than mosques — even though the majority of the 8 million expatriates working in the kingdom come from Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist faiths. Indeed, celebrating a private Sunday Mass inside a home could lead to jail, public lashings, and expulsion.

One of the most criminal travesties committed by the commission’s foot soldiers, the Mutawaeen, or religious police, was dramatically reported by the muzzled Saudi press itself on Friday, March 15, 2002, when the Mutawaeen forcibly prevented girls fleeing a burning school from leaving the building because they were “improperly dressed.”

The day after, the Saudi Gazette newspaper quoted witnesses as saying the police stopped men who tried to help the girls, warning the men: “It is sinful to approach them.”

Of the 800 teenage pupils in Mecca, 15 burned to death and more than 50 were injured. Yet, the commission and its royal enablers thrive.

My first thought is that this is a joke.  No one would even consider something so absurd.  Apparently, it’s true, though.  Are there really people in the world that think like this?  I remember reading of a young girl who was hanged because WHILE she was trying to fight off a male rapist, she injured him.  Shame on her for harming a man – even when he was raping her!  Do we REALLY want to be tolerant of Islamic extremists?

Tiara-tip to Beth at MVRWC.

Also at Blue Star Chronicles.

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The Tennessean: “Tennessee Voices: I am a Muslim, and, yes, I am an American”

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

As I was reading THE TENNESSEAN this morning, I came across an article that was particularly interesting to me considering the posts I’ve written the past few days and the reader response to those posts.

The article was titled: “Tennessee Voices: I am a Muslim, and yes, I am an American,” and was written by Sabina Zia Mohyuddin. Here it is:

I am an American. To be more precise, I am a Tennessean. I was born and raised in Nashville. I rode the bus to school for 12 years, then went on to graduate from Vanderbilt University. I have lived in Memphis and Clarksville among other places and now call Tullahoma my home. I got married in college and now have four children. Sounds like a typical American, right?

Yet, when people see me, their first question often is: “Where are you from?” Naturally, I say I was born and raised in Nashville.

The catch is that I am a Bangladeshi Muslim American. My parents are from Bangladesh, my religion is Islam, but I am still an American.

Nonetheless, there are those who would regard me with suspicion because — although I worship the same God of the Christians and Jews — I pray five times a day, fast during the month of Ramadan and wear a headscarf in public. I love to eat rice and curry and occasionally wear traditional Bangladeshi clothing.

So sometimes, people’s first impression of me makes them wonder why I have not become more Americanized.

This leads me to the question: “What does it mean to be an American?” For me, being an American does not just mean I am a U.S. citizen. It means that I want what is best for America. I want a country where our children’s welfare and education are our top priority. I want a country where there is “liberty and justice for all” and where there is equal access to health care. I want a country that works with other nations to solve global problems such as disease, poverty and pollution.

Desiring what is best for America is not enough. As an American, I must get involved in helping those in need and become actively engaged in the issues affecting our country. I must speak out against any injustice and let my voice be heard by voting in local and national elections.

An American does not have to be a white or African-American Christian. Whether or not a person is a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or member of any other faith, if she is working for a better America, then she is an American. Whether a person is from Mexico, Somalia, China or any other country, if he is working for a better America, then he is an American.

Each person brings unique experiences and ideas which help strengthen America. As a Bangladeshi Muslim American, I share my ideals of strong families where parents are respected and children are cherished.

I find no contradictions in being a Muslim and being an American. As a Muslim, I must uphold the laws of this land, stand up for what is right and help those in need.

That is what makes me an American.

I find Ms. Mohyuddin’s words refreshing, and while she and I might not agree completely about how to accomplish them, the goals and dreams she expressed in the article are the same as mine.  She expressed the American ideal very well.

However, for all the lofty and conciliatory rhetoric, I also call on American Muslims such as Ms. Mohyuddin, along with rationale Muslims worldwide – to publicly condemn the brutality of Muslim terrorists and the bastardizing of their religion, faith and holy book.  Where is the loud and public outrage and condemnation from moderate Muslims for the extreme brutality that is being carried out in the name of Islam?

As long as there are Muslim extremists and terrorists going throughout the world killing, maiming and creating mayhem, as long as there are militant Muslims bragging loudly about how they infiltrate average American society in order to carry out their terrorist agenda, and until I hear moderate Muslims throughout the world loudly and publicly and in great numbers condemning the Islamic terrorists and calling for an end of terrorism, then I will be wary of Muslims.  I won’t deny them their rights as American citizens or as human beings.  However, until I get to know them personally, I will be wary of them.  It’s only common sense.

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If you Mistrust Muslims or are “Uncomfortable” with them in any way – then You’re a BIGOT

Friday, January 5th, 2007

I learn new things every day.  Today I’ve learned that apparently in order to be completely progressively PC, I cannot be wary, have reservations or have negative feelings of any kind regarding the motives or possible outcomes of any person who is elected for public office.  At least not based on that person’s religious affiliation.  It doesn’t matter if people are being killed and denied basic human rights in the name of that religion on a daily basis. 

It doesn’t matter that I would never question that person’s right to run for office and be elected and use whatever “Holy Book” he/she wants for the swearing-in ceremony.  If I have ANY negative feelings or concerns about it, then I’m a bigot.

Name-calling is okay, though – as long as the person being called a name is a conservative.   Glad to have that straight now. 

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Are Muslims our Enemies? Keith Ellison, the Koran, the U.S. Constitution

Friday, January 5th, 2007

It is always fascinating to me how people at times choose to misinterpret, overlook, trivialize, and otherwise adjust information to suit their purposes.  My previous post about Keith Ellison being elected to Congress and choosing to use a Koran that had belonged to Thomas Jefferson was the object of such an “adventure in elaboration, accusation and exaggeration.”  The purpose of this post is to state some of my beliefs as clearly as possible.

1.  Our enemies in this war on terror ARE Muslims.  However, at no time have I EVER said, written or indicated in any way that ALL Muslims are our enemies.

2.  I believe that Islam, as practiced by many in the world today, is a religion to be feared.  The Islamic extremists’ interpretation of the Koran is that ANYONE who isn’t a Muslim is to be killed.  That is the ultimate intolerance for religious beliefs.

3.  Our soldiers are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan FOR the peaceful people (mostly Muslims) who live there to determine their own way of life.  Our soldiers are dying daily FOR Muslims.

4.  There are American soldiers who are Muslims who are right there fighting alongside the Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists and Hindus.  I admire and respect and honor our service personnel.

5.  I stated in the previously mentioned post that Ellison was brilliant to use a Koran that belonged to Thomas Jefferson for his swearing in.  I believe it made him more palatable to people who opposed his election.

6.  Considering the wars and death and destruction going on in the world today that have been the direct result of MUSLIM extremism based on the Koran, I personally find it repulsive for a member of Congress to be sworn in on the Koran.

7.  However, NOWHERE and at NO TIME have I EVER written or said that Ellison did not have the right to be elected as a representative from his state.

8.  NOWHERE and at NO TIME have I EVER written or said that Ellison did not have the right to make his oath of office with his hand on the Koran.

9.  NOWHERE and at NO TIME have I EVER said that there should be any kind of “religious test” or “religious qualification” for someone to be elected to office or to serve in office or that anyone should be FORCED to be sworn-in using a Bible.

10.  In my blog I express MY opinions about whatever is going on in the world.  I personally find it disgusting that a representative of the most violent and intolerant religion I’ve ever known was elected to Congress.  Again, my personal opinion has nothing to do with his RIGHT to be elected, and I would never do anything to change the rights of the people of Minnesota to elect whomever they wish.

11.  I personally find it disgusting that a member of Congress was sworn in using a Koran.  Again, my personal opinion has nothing to do with Ellison’s RIGHT to be sworn in using a Koran, and I would never do anything to change the rights of elected officials to be sworn in using their “holy book” – whether it is the Bible, Koran, Torah – whatever – or no book at all.

12.  When I wrote the previous post, I put the word “enemy” in quotation marks to indicate that it wasn’t a blanket statement.  It was used in the context of the rest of that particular paragraph.

13.  NOWHERE and at NO TIME have I EVER written or said anything to indicate that I want to restrict anyone’s expression of religious beliefs, and I would never do anything that would result in that.

14.  Neither the left nor the right has a monopoly on patriotism or on good intentions.  People interpret current events based on their belief systems and their own experience. 

15.  I admire George W. Bush immensely.  He has served as our President amidst overwhelming and concerted partisan attacks.  Of course he has made some mistakes, but overall I believe he is a strong American president who has taken the high road in virtually every decision, and I strongly believe that history will prove him to be one of our greatest presidents.

16.  I have deeply held beliefs in the areas of religion, politics, ethics, relationships, and family.  This blog reflects those beliefs. 

17.  Personal attacks are hurtful and destructive. 

I’ve read a lot about verbal abuse the past ten or so years.  It’s a phenomenon that is more prevalent than most people realize.  An excellent article on verbal abuse can be found here. 

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Islam and America Poll from American Family Association

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

A friend pointed out this poll. It’s an internet poll which means only the opinions of the people who take the time to respond are counted. However, I believe it shows some tendencies. And Muslims have only themselves to blame for the negative feelings about Islam that are evident.

Islam and America Poll Results
Do you consider Islam to be a peaceful religion? Yes 12,048 No 162,837
Do you consider Islam to be a tolerant religion? Yes 6,723 No 167,829
Would America be a better country if it were a Muslim country? Yes 1,009 No 173,436
Should America place equal emphasis on the Koran and the Bible? Yes 4,098 No 169,964
Would it be good for America to have more Muslims in elected offices? Yes 4,147 No 169,372
Would you vote for a Muslim for president? Yes 3,653 No 170,143
As a general rule, are women treated better in America than in a Muslim country? Yes 159,745 No 14,181
Is America too dependent on Muslim countries for oil? Yes 167,659 No 6,247
Do Muslim countries do more than America to help the poor? Yes 4,254 No 168,556

You can participate in the poll yourself by going HERE.

Tiara-tip to Something…and Half of Something.

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Keith Ellison to use Thomas Jefferson’s Koran for Swearing In

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

Keith Ellison, the Muslim from Minnesota who was elected to Congress will use Thomas Jefferson’s Koran for his Swearing-In ceremony. From Frederic J. Frommer with the Associated Press:

Rep.-elect Keith Ellison, D-Minn., decided to use the centuries-old Koran during his ceremonial swearing-in on Thursday after he learned that it is kept at the Library of Congress. Jefferson, the nation’s third president and a collector of books in all topics and languages, sold the book to Congress in 1815 as part of a collection.

“It demonstrates that from the very beginning of our country, we had people who were visionary, who were religiously tolerant, who believed that knowledge and wisdom could be gleaned from any number of sources, including the Koran,” Ellison said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

“A visionary like Thomas Jefferson was not afraid of a different belief system,” Ellison said. “This just shows that religious tolerance is the bedrock of our country, and religious differences are nothing to be afraid of.”

Uh, that would be partly correct. Religious tolerance IS the bedrock of our country. However, I must disagree with with the statement that “religious differences are nothing to be afraid of.” Muslim extremists (and maybe it’s not just the extremists) are THE reason for most of the killing and the wars going on right now. They were responsible for 9/11, they are responsible for 99% of terrorist attacks throughout the world. Seems to me that the people who don’t practice religious tolerance or respect religious differences are the Muslims.

The report continues:

An English translation of the Arabic, Jefferson’s Koran was published in 1764 in London, a later printing of one originally published in 1734.

“This is considered the text that shaped Europe’s understanding of the Koran,” Dimunation said.

It was acquired in 1815 as part of a more than 6,400-volume collection that Jefferson sold for $24,000 to replace the congressional library that had been burned by British troops the year before, in the War of 1812.

“It was a real bargain,” Dimunation said.

The Koran survived an 1851 fire in the Capitol. Dimunation described it as a two-volume work, bound in leather with marble boards.

“As a rare book librarian,” he said, “there is something special about the idea that Thomas Jefferson’s books are being walked across the street to the Capitol building, to bring in yet another session of governmental structure that he helped create.”

This is a brilliant move on Ellison’s part because he has taken the repulsive idea of a member of Congress being sworn in on a Koran and tied it to Thomas Jefferson – one of our country’s founding fathers. Many people will figure that if Jefferson owned a Koran, then he must have been “okay” with the Muslim religion. Muslims worldwide have declared jihad on the United States and ANYONE who is not Muslim. I think it was a mistake to elect an “enemy” to Congress.

More at Hot Air.

And check out Cogito – he has an interesting discussion of this topic that goes back to Jefferson’s relationship with Muslims.

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Saddam Hussein is dead – “Now, he is in the garbage of history”

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Saddam Hussein has been executed.  No humane, painless lethal injection for this cruel monster/dictator.  He was hanged – which means he at least suffered for a few minutes before dying.  He received a fair trial, he had the opportunity to say good-bye to his loved ones (if he had any), and he was given the courtesy of speaking some final words.  Those are all things he denied the thousands that he was responsible for butchering unmercifully.  There is no pleasure in this death – only the satisfaction that justice was served and that this man will never be able to murder again.

 BAGHDAD, Iraq  (Dec. 30) – Saddam Hussein struggled briefly after American military guards handed him over to Iraqi executioners. But as his final moments approached, he grew calm. He clutched a Quran as he was led to the gallows, and in one final moment of defiance, refused to have a hood pulled over his head before facing the same fate he was accused of inflicting on countless thousands during a quarter-century of ruthless power.

A man whose testimony helped lead to Saddam’s conviction and execution before sunrise Saturday said he was shown the body because “everybody wanted to make sure that he was really executed.”

“Now, he is in the garbage of history,” said Jawad Abdul-Aziz, who lost his father, three brothers and 22 cousins in the reprisal killings that followed a botched 1982 assassination attempt against Saddam in the Shiite town of Dujail.

In Baghdad’s Shiite enclave of Sadr City, hundreds of people danced in the streets while others fired guns in the air to celebrate his death. The government did not impose a round-the-clock curfew as it did last month when Saddam was convicted to thwart any surge in retaliatory violence.

It was a grim end for the 69-year-old leader who had vexed three U.S. presidents. Despite his ouster, Washington, its allies and the new Iraqi leaders remain mired in a fight to quell a stubborn insurgency by Saddam loyalists and a vicious sectarian conflict.

Sami al-Askari, the political adviser of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, told The Associated Press that Saddam initially resisted when he was taken by Iraqi guards but was composed in his final moments.

He said Saddam was clad in a black suit, hat and shoes, rather than prison garb. His hat was removed shortly before the noose was slipped around his neck.

Shortly before the execution, Saddam was asked if he wanted to say something.

“No I don’t want to,” al-Askari, who was present at the execution, quoted Saddam as saying. Saddam repeated a prayer after a Sunni Muslim cleric who was present.

“Saddam later was taken to the gallows and refused to have his head covered with a hood,” al-Askari said. “Before the rope was put around his neck, Saddam shouted: ‘God is great. The nation will be victorious and Palestine is Arab.'”

Iraqi state television showed footage of guards in ski masks placing a noose around Saddam’s neck. Saddam appeared calm as he stood on the metal framework of the gallows. The footage cuts off just before the execution.

Saddam was executed at a former military intelligence headquarters in Baghdad’s Shiite neighborhood of Kazimiyah, al-Askari said. During his regime, Saddam had numerous dissidents executed in the facility, located in a neighborhood that is home to the Iraqi capital’s most important Shiite shine _ the Imam Kazim shrine.

Al-Askari said the government had not decided what to do with Saddam’s body.

The Iraqi prime minister’s office released a statement that said Saddam’s execution was a “strong lesson” to ruthless leaders who commit crimes against their own people.

“We strongly reject considering Saddam as a representative of any sect in Iraq because the tyrant only represented his evil soul,” the statement said. “The door is still open for those whose hands are not tainted with the blood of innocent people to take part in the political process and work on rebuilding Iraq.”

The execution came 56 days after a court convicted Saddam and sentenced him to death for his role in the killings of 148 Shiite Muslims from Dujail. Iraq’s highest court rejected Saddam’s appeal Monday and ordered him executed within 30 days.

Others writing on the topic:

Alone on a Limb – Justice, Not Revenge

Michelle Malkin – Report: Saddam is Dead

MVRWC – Saddam: Swinging from the Gallows Pole

Little Green Footballs – Breaking: Saddam an ex-Dictator

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John Gebhardt – A True Representation of our Armed Forces

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

I posted the above photograph on November 9th – over two weeks ago.  This morning I FINALLY saw mention of this story on FOX news.  Has it been on the other major news networks?  I haven’t seen it.  Perhaps I missed it – probably not.  The MSM isn’t much interested in anything positive. Apparently their goal is to produce as much anti-American drivel as possible. 

Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt should make everyone in America proud of our Armed Services.  He’s home now – been home a couple months – and his wife says she’s not surprised at his actions in Iraq.  He was always able to comfort their own children when they were babies.

What is frustrating to me is that this picture is months old.  We get instant photos and news of anything negative happening in Iraq, but stories such as this – the stories that are truly representative of what our soldiers are doing over there – get little publicity, and the publicity they DO get is old news.

My nephew who is stationed in Baghdad, tells us about children living in trash dumps and looking forward to the treats of candy and other gifts the soldiers give them from the packages they receive from home.  Every single day our soldiers see the results of terrorism, and they’re fighting to save the Iraqui people from the even worse fate should we pack up and leave them to the whims of the terrorists.

I don’t understand how anyone who trashes our troops can live with his/her conscience.  Our troops are decent and hard-working men and women who are dealing with ruthless murderers whose only goal is to deal death and terror to everyone.  The fact of the matter is that the troop-bashers don’t have a conscience.

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