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Some animal dared to desecrate our new home! Windows are going in right now

Saturday, March 10th, 2007

Sometime during last night, some animal came into our new house – something that is actually likely since there were no windows and doors in place yet – no drywall yet.  So it’s wide open.  The animal peed against one of the posts in the great room! Yuck yuck yuck!

As I type this, the windows are being installed. We still don’t have a front or back door or a garage door.  But at least by the end of today, the windows will be in.  I’ll take some photos to post later.  The windows are beautiful.

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Saturday Photographs: Tripper, Ceilings, and Snow

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Just some random photos to share.  This first one is of our cat, Tripper. 

Actually, I’m stretching the truth to say that Tripper is our cat.  I think Tripper rotates living with several families in our general neighborhood.  He’ll stay here for a week or two and then disappear for weeks or months.  Then he’ll show up and stay here another few weeks.  We feed him whenever he shows up.  Not long ago, RT saw him at a house about a 1/4 mile down the road from us. 

Tripper got his name from his habit of walking right in front of us.  I’ve come close to falling as a result of his tripping me up several times.  He does it to everybody.  This photo is of Tripper on the rafters of the porch – his favorite place now because it is safely out of Jake’s reach.

The next two photos are ceiling photos.  I love the ceilings in several rooms in our new house.  Two of the upstairs bedrooms have modified cathedral ceilings.  Then the master bedroom and the master bath both have double octogonal tray ceilings.  Here’s the framing for them:

This is in the master bedroom.

This is the ceiling in the master bath.

And I’m including this next photo because it shows our picnic table which is in the side/back yard of our house and the photo shows the snow on the ground and the house – and on the picnic table.  That picnic table is very special to us.

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Jake – the wonder lush dog

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

RT declared weeks ago that when the new house was finally “dried in” we would celebrate with a bottle of wine.  I can think of better ways to celebrate, but that’s what RT wanted to do.  So that was fine with me.

This past Saturday was our celebration.  The house was officially dried in with tar paper on the roof.  Although the roof shingles weren’t added until Sunday and Monday, the tar paper was enough to dry it in.  The rain could pour down, and the inside of our house would remain dry.

On Saturday I was recovering from strep throat, and the thought of sipping wine was definitely not something that appealed to me.  So I had RT pour only a couple of sips into the glass for me.  RT insisted it must be a whole family celebration.  So he poured a few drops of wine in Jake’s dish, and a few drops in Tripper’s dish.  Tripper is our cat.   Tripper licked the few drops unenthusiastically and left to explore outside.

Jake, however, has definite lush tendencies.  he sniffed the wine and then licked it tentatively.  You could almost see the wheels in his brain turning.  “Hmm this is interesting.  Let me try a little more.”  And he licked some more.  Soon it was all gone.  Jake looked at RT as if to say, “I want more.”  RT poured a little more in his dish.  Jake licked every drop.  RT and I were laughing as we watched him lick every inch of the bowl over and over to make sure he got every single molecule possible.  Then he looked up at RT expectantly - more?  Nope.  No more wine for Jake – our little lushy dog.

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Building Progress – It is “dried in”

Friday, February 9th, 2007

Here is the house on Wednesday of this week.  They were still working on adding the plywood on all the rafters. RT said that at one point yesterday there were FOURTEEN men working on the house. It probably looked like a beehive of activity.

It’s amazing what a difference two days can make because this next picture is of the house today.
The roofers have put the tar paper on the roof, and they will be there early in the morning to put on the roof shingles – and they could very well finish the roof tomorrow.  I told RT that I am amazed at how quickly the house is being built.  The framers still have some work left to do inside.  However, the “drying in” is a major step.  Of course if we have a heavy rain or blowing rain, some water will get into the house.  It’s not water-tight yet.  But not much water can get into it. 

On Tuesday of next week the plumber will get started, and we anticipate the electric company will SOMEDAY soon get around to getting electricity up to the house.  We’ve had everything we’re supposed to do completed for quite a while.

This next picture is of the back of the house – opposite side from the other two pictures.  It shows the back porch and the beginnings of the chimney.  I love the fact that there will be just one or two steps down from the back porch to the yard.  There will probably be five or six steps on the front.  There will only be one step from the garage into the house.

Despite having strep throat, I rode over there with RT this evening and walked through every room.  The workers are doing such a good job, and I absolutely love the floor plan.  I’m so happy with how everything is coming along.

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Progress on the new house – the front gables

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Here’s a photo I took earlier today.  FINALLY, you can see where the two front gables (or whatever they’re called) will be on the house.  I took the photo from down the hill.  So this is what it looks like as you drive up the driveway. 

The framers will finish within a few days – and by the middle or end of next week the roofers should be able to start.  Then the plumbers and electricians will do their things. . . . and I’m really not certain what the next steps will be.

The architect of our house plan is Don Gardner House & Floor Plans.  It’s called the “Hickory Ridge” plan.  You can click the link and see the floor plan.  Here is the architect’s drawing of it.  It’s fun (for me) to look at the progress on our house next to the drawing of the completed house.  I can just visualize how it will be, and I’ve already planned where most of the furniture will go.  I love the fact that there’s a big porch on both the front and the back of the house.

It’s an exciting time, and I’m glad that I have the blog where I can keep a photographic record of the progress so far!

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House Update: They’ve started framing the second floor

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

Here’s a photo of the latest work on the house. 

They’ve got the floor in upstairs – and the walls are almost framed out.  I can actually walk upstairs and go from room to room.  It’s wonderful!  In the photo, the dark line on the nearest part of the house is the steel frame for the garage door.  The framers told RT today that the framing will most likely be done and ready for the roofers by the middle of next week.  So now, we’re busy deciding on a roofer and what kind of roof we want.

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The $10,000 Front Door

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

We got an estimate for the windows and doors for our new house.  The Marvin Windows people wanted TEN THOUSAND dollars for the front door!  That did not include the windows for the house. That was for the front door alone. Now it IS a very pretty front door “unit” – with half-circle window above and two narrow side windows.  But $10,000 for a door?  Guess who we AREN’T buying our front door from?

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The New House – Framing In Progress

Friday, January 12th, 2007

Here are photos from this past week.  Today was THE most exciting day so far.  The downstairs was framed in enough that I could walk through the house and see where each room would be – the bay window, the pantry, the dining room.  I stood in front of my closet and visualized where I would put each shelf, I stood on the front porch and thought about how much time would be spent there in the future – rocking in rocking chairs, sipping iced tea and watching the sunset.  Fun, fun, fun!

This photo above shows the house just a few days ago.  They were putting the floor in the downstairs.  Notice what a “nice” crawlspace there will be.  I’ve learned that a nice crawspace is very important! 

Voila!  Look at what it looked like today:

The main walls are up, and since the floor is complete, we can walk all through the house. I walked through every room a dozen times this afternoon/evening – imagining such things as where each piece of furniture would go and how I would organize the pantry and the kitchen cabinets.

The picture below shows the bay window in the breakfast area of the kitchen.  I know I will spend a lot of time looking out the windows that will be here:

This is ENORMOUSLY exciting!

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Day 1 of Framing the House – Looking GOOD!

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

The framers started today!  The lumber was delivered a couple hours late, and so they didn’t get as  much done as they’d hoped.  Nevertheless, from this picture, you can see where the bay window will be in the back – coming out onto the back porch.  The room in the foreground is the guest room we added to the plan which will be next to the garage.  By this time tomorrow, it will look like a house!  YEA!!!!

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The Foundation – Starting off 2007 With a Good Beginning

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Here’s the latest photo from the house-building – taken on 12-30-06. The foundation should be completed tomorrow, and the framers are tentatively scheduled to start later this week. We’re hoping to have the framing done – and maybe even the roof started – by the end of this month. YEA!!! I’ll post another picture when the foundation is finished. Right now it looks like the house will sit really high – but that’s because they dug down for the foundation. The land around the house will be built back up before it’s finished. RT and I drove up there this evening — saw two deer crossing the driveway in front of us. We measured the driveway – it is a little over 3/10 mile long. We also double-checked everything, and all the measurements are exactly right, all the corners are exactly square, and the cement blocks are exactly level. Not that we don’t trust the sub-contractors. . . .

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