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The Footings and Piers Have Been Poured and the Porta-John is Here!

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

On Wednesday, December 20th, the footings and piers (parts of the foundation) for our new house were poured.  I’m so excited!  Here are two photos.

The house will have a crawl space.  I was adamant that we had to have as FEW steps as possible.  So they dug down for the crawl space.  There should be one step from the garage into the house.  Maybe one or two steps from the back porch to the patio, and four or five steps from the front porch to the front yard. 

On Thursday, a very important part of the construction phase of building our house was put into place.  Here it is:



Fun times!

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Ground Has Been Broken – We’re On Our Way

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

On Thursday, December 14th, the ground was officially broken on our new house.  Excavators did the rough grade and excavated for the crawl space.  Next week the footing and foundation are scheduled to be done.  Here is a photo of the first of four truckloads of timber taken from the building site. 


This next photo is of the building site on Thursday afternoon.  This is an exciting phase in the building process because we can see where each room will be.  

Friday the surveyer marked the corners of the house with orange stakes.  I will add a photo of that later today.  We have spent literally hours looking at the stakes from every angle and deciding whether or not the house is situated exactly as we want it.  It isn’t. It’s off by a couple feet.  Tomorrow or Tuesday the surveyer will re-survey to make the house sit a little more horizontally on the ridge. 

Our goal is to have the framing and roof done by the end of January.  We want to move in by RT’s birthday on July 12th.   Funny note: Our daughter apparently has little faith in her father (since he took many years to complete the addition to our current home).  She predicted we wouldn’t be in even by Christmas next year.  Hmmmm.  We’ll see.

By the way, HERE’s the floor plan for the house.  The only change is that we’ve added a bedroom downstairs off the laundry room. 

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Building Our Own House – RT and Carol, the Builders – A Long and Winding Road

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Our builder decided he had too much going on in his life, and he couldn’t start on another project right now.  So, RT and I talked to yet another builder a couple weeks ago.  We came home and talked about it, and made a decision . . .. WE’RE GOING TO BUILD OUR HOUSE OURSELVES!  Or more accurately, RT is going to do it with my support. I’ll handle most of the paperwork and phone calls.  He’ll do the grunt work of dealing with sub-contractors.  Plus he has already done a lot of the work himself.  He made the driveway, laid the pipe for the electricity and cleared the building site.  And I have worked on the site a lot, too.  See “The Adventures of PyroWoman and DozerMan” to see the kinds of things I’ve done to help get the site ready.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday of our newly graveled driveway-to-be. 

It’s a LONG driveway because our house will be built on the back of our property – high on a hill with woods surrounding us.  The part of the driveway NOT in the photo is as long as what’s showing in it.  When we pave it, the bill will be a whopper. But it’s SO beautiful!

Below is a photo of the building site taken a couple weeks ago.  In the photo, RT is busy with the chainsaw.   We now have enough firewood to last for years!  It hurt to cut down so many trees, but you can’t build a house without clearing a space for it.  We sold some for timber, cut other for firewood, and we burned some.

RT finished the rough clearing for the house yesterday.  Here is that photo.  This photo is of the same area as the previous one.  So you can see how much work has been done.



That’s RT on the bulldozer.  Is that not the ultimate in toys for men?  This week the footing and foundation people will start working. I’m so excited that we’re actually getting ready to BUILD.   

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The Sweet Sleep of Camping

Sunday, October 8th, 2006

RT and I went camping Friday night. We camped at the building site for our new house – which is less than three miles from where we’re living now.

The air was crisp, the fire was warm, and the mood was relaxing. There is something about relaxing by a campfire and listening to the night sounds around me that makes me chill out. I could feel anxieties and worries literally draining away.

We have a routine for setting up camp. I set up the tent – a quick and easy job – while RT gathered firewood and got the campfire going. Friday night, since we didn’t have a hammer with us, RT came around to give the tent stakes a final boot-shove to make sure they were deep enough. Once the fire burned long enough to have a good bed of coals, we started dinner.

Dinner Friday night was hoppin’ john (black-eyed peas, mild Ro-tel, sliced turkey sausage). Hoppin’ john traditionally includes rice, but I forgot the rice and it was great without it. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any camp food that wasn’t delicious. There’s just something about food that’s been cooked over a campfire that makes it wonderful.

After dinner we heated water so RT could have some hot chocolate and I could have my camomile tea. Then we just sat by the campfire talking, sipping our drinks and enjoying the peace and quiet. Comfortable. . . relaxing . . . soothing.

We’ve got our camping “sleep system” figured out. We have two twin-sized inflatable mattresses and a cordless pump. It takes me about a minute to inflate both mattresses. I’m careful not to inflate them too much so that they will be cushiony rather than hard. That’s the secret! The tent is small – and both mattresses side-by-side completely fill up the width of the tent. There’s still a foot or so of space at the foot of the mattresses for our other stuff. We put our sleeping bags and pillows on top of the air mattresses, and we’re good to go.

As it got later, the air got colder, but we were warm and snug and slept wonderfully. There is something about sleeping outside on a cold night in a tent. As long as the bed is comfortable, the sleep is deep and restoring.

Breakfast Saturday morning was bacon, eggs and biscuits. The bottom of the biscuits were burned black, but the tops were perfect.

Another fun camping trip in the books.

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