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American Idol – March 13th – Who will be voted off? Brandon Rogers? Haley Scarnato? Sanjaya Malakar?

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

As I write this, the contestants haven’t sung yet.  The show hasn’t aired yet.  However, I already know who should go home.  Only one person will go home this week.  Here is my priority order for the next three folks to go home.

#1 Sanjaya Malakar – He has gone way past his level.  Maybe with another year or two of practice, he will develop more as a singer.  However, for now, he’s nowhere near the caliber of the other contestants.  Sanjaya – see ya!

#2 Haley Scarnato – Sweet voice, but again, just not on the level with some of the other female singers. 

#3  Brandon Rogers – I actually liked Brandon more this past week thatn previously.  Maybe he’s one of those contestants who will get better each week.  We’ll see.

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The Amazing Race – Rob and Amber go home

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Darn it!  Another of my favorite couples on THE AMAZING RACE – Rob and Amber - hit a run of bad luck.  They didn’t realize they had misspelled “Phillipines” in a roadblock challenge and thus wasted precious time.   As a result, they were the last ones to reach the pitstop, and they were eliminated from the show last night.  

And, sadly, the most irritating duo in the world, Charla and Mirna, scraped by once again.  Charla and Mirna are absolute pros at looking into the camera with their “poor me” big eyes and talking about how honest and wonderful they are and how terrible the other teams are – all the while lying and cheating and badmouthing their way into reaching the pitstop barely in time to remain in the race.  Mirna is shrill and annoying, and Charla has such a “please pity me – I’m a little person – I have so much to overcome” attitude, I just can’t wait for them to be off the show so I don’t have to look at or listen to them again.

I enjoyed watching the interaction between Rob and Amber.  They are a real team – working together and communicating well rather than yelling at each other and acting ridiculous like so many of the other teams.  And they were first on the previous three legs of the race.  Too bad THE AMAZING RACE doesn’t have some kind of system so that a fluke like the misspelled word doesn’t have to be the death knell for an otherwise strong team.

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American Idol’s Antonella Barba – Sent Home at Last

Friday, March 9th, 2007

I was really surprised that Antonella Barba was sent home from American Idol last night.  She seems like a nice enough young woman.  However, her voice just wasn’t strong.  It was wavery and weak.  Despite her lack of a strong singing voice, though, I truly expected her to stay around for another week or two because of the notoriety she gained from the porn photos that were reported to be her.   I saw the pictures, and I hope they’re not of her.  But if they’re not of her, they ARE of some other young woman, and it is sad that a young woman – Antonella or not – was being sexually exploited in such a way.

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American Idol’s 200th Episode – At least two of the four deserved to go

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Bye bye Antonella!  But America sent Sabrina home, too!  Sabrina was GOOD!  Haley has a nice voice, but she is nowhere near the caliber of Sabrina.  However, it is certainly right that Antonella is off the show. 

I was surprised that the guy with the eyebrows didn’t get enough votes to stay.  I can’t think of his name – Jared?  However, he had no chance to win.

OH NO!  Sundance was just voted off!  UNBELIEVABLE!  And Sanjaya stayed? 

Oh well – I’m 1 for 4 once again.  I cannot believe that Sanjaya has made it this far.  I also can’t believe that both Sundance and Sabrina are off the show.  People are voting for “cute” or something other than singing ability.  It’s crazy.

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American Idol (March 8)- Who’s Going Home Tonight

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

I was only 1 for 4 last week.  So let’s see if I can do better this week.  Here are my predictions for who’s going home tonight on American Idol.

Guys:  Sanjaya Malakar has GOT to go.  He seems sweet and nice, but his voice is too weak, and he doesn’t do a good job of selecting songs that are appropriate for his voice.   Brandon Rogers is my other pick.  He’s got a nice voice, but he isn’t strong or unique.  I WISH Blake would go home, but I think he’ll be around for awhile.

Girls:  Antonella Barba needs to go.  Her song last night was almost pitiful — almost discordant.  I don’t know if her notoriety will keep her around another week or two – or not.  Haley Scarnato will probably be the other girl to go.  The judges really raked her over the coals last night.  I like her, but she’s not in the same league as some of the other singers. 

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American Idol – the men bombed – no “idol” in the group

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

The first few guys have already sung tonight, and I can’t even remember what they sang.  Blake was lame.  Sanjaya should have gone home last week, and he didn’t improve much this week.  He just has no sparkle and his voice comes off as weak.  Sundance was forget-able which is too bad because I’ve liked him before.  I thought Chris was too nasal.  The fifth guy was pretty good – was his name Jared?  He did that hands-over-his-face thing last week and got so much attention for it that I think he decided to go for another sexy song – and it didn’t work tonight.   Brandon is singing now.  Last week he was awful.  He’s better tonight but not by much. 

The bald guy – Phil - looked stupid with that hat sitting over his ears.  He talked about how much he likes his bald head, but then he keeps it covered with hats all the time.  He sang “I Need You” and the ending was better than the beginning.

Chris Sligh – first few notes, and I already knew I’d like this song better than any of the others – but still  not memorable.

Oh well – the guys weren’t very good.  It was a rather lame show.

So who do I think will go home this week.  I vote for Sanjaya and the scat-singer guy, Blake, with the spiked hair to go home.   That won’t happen, though.  Blake will still be here.  I think it’ll be either Sanjaya, Chris or Jared.

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60 Minutes’ Andy Rooney – Definitely time to hang it up

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

I occasionally watch  the last few minutes of “60 Minutes” when I tune in a little early for “The Amazing Race” which follows “60 Minutes.”  And since Andy Rooney is in the last segment of “60 Minutes,” I have unfortunately witnessed his lame monologue several times recently. 

I remember years ago thinking that Andy Rooney was funny, and I actually looked forward to seeing him on “60 Minutes.”  However, he has reached his limit for writing humorous monologues.  It is almost painfully un-funny.

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“Black Vote” – Isn’t that racist?

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

I’ve watched CNN for awhile this morning, and one of the stories they’ve run several times is one about which Democratic candidate would get “the black vote.” 

To me, that seems the epitome of racist assumptions.  As though African-Americans are one block vote?  In essence, the MSM puts black voters into a box, and then assume that they ALL will vote for a Democratic candidate.  African-Americans aren’t given credit for being individuals with individual beliefs and goals.   I don’t hear discussions of the “white vote” or the “native American vote” or the “Muslim American vote.”  The assumption is that if someone is black – he/she is a Democrat.  And furthermore, all blacks will all vote for the same Democratic candidate.

It is surprising to me that the leaders of African-American groups don’t call the news networks on their obvious stereotyping.

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American Idol – Kellie Pickler looks like she’s in her 40’s

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Did anyone else think that Kellie Pickler’s new haircut (and boob job?) made her look practically middle-aged when she sang at last night’s American Idol show?  She’s such a pretty young woman, but she looked awful last night.  The photograph above actually looks better than she did. 

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Angela Hacker wins “Nashville Star”

Thursday, March 1st, 2007

Angela beat out Zac to win “Nashville Star,” and I have to admit that she deserved it.  Zac sang “If It Wasn’t For The Whiskey” again tonight, and it wasn’t NEARLY as good as it was a couple weeks ago.

The Sonic commercial with the two of them and David St. Romain was really lame – rather tacky even.

So another season of “Nashville Star” is over.  My prediction is that both Angela and Zac will go on to great success in country music.

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