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Ground Has Been Broken – We’re On Our Way

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

On Thursday, December 14th, the ground was officially broken on our new house.  Excavators did the rough grade and excavated for the crawl space.  Next week the footing and foundation are scheduled to be done.  Here is a photo of the first of four truckloads of timber taken from the building site. 


This next photo is of the building site on Thursday afternoon.  This is an exciting phase in the building process because we can see where each room will be.  

Friday the surveyer marked the corners of the house with orange stakes.  I will add a photo of that later today.  We have spent literally hours looking at the stakes from every angle and deciding whether or not the house is situated exactly as we want it.  It isn’t. It’s off by a couple feet.  Tomorrow or Tuesday the surveyer will re-survey to make the house sit a little more horizontally on the ridge. 

Our goal is to have the framing and roof done by the end of January.  We want to move in by RT’s birthday on July 12th.   Funny note: Our daughter apparently has little faith in her father (since he took many years to complete the addition to our current home).  She predicted we wouldn’t be in even by Christmas next year.  Hmmmm.  We’ll see.

By the way, HERE’s the floor plan for the house.  The only change is that we’ve added a bedroom downstairs off the laundry room. 

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Saint Joseph to the Rescue

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Okay. I TOLD you here and here about how St. Joseph has helped me sell houses – within 24 hours of burying the statue in my favorite place in the yard. Now, it seems that others agree with me.

Joseph, the carpenter husband of the Virgin Mary, is the patron saint of laborers and house hunters, among others. The belief that St. Joseph aids home sellers traces back to St. Teresa of Avila, a nun in the 16th century who buried a medal of the saint and prayed to him to help get land for convents. The ritual seemed to work, and the practice, or variations of it, spread.

The modern tradition in the United States dates back at least four decades and is believed to have first gained in popularity on the heavily Catholic East Coast.

“In times of crisis, people try anything,” said the Rev. Harvey Egan, a professor in Boston Colleges theology department. “Many people turn to God or they turn to the saints or they turn to religion in times of crisis. It shouldn’t be like that, but that’s the way it is.”

Phil Cates, whose of Modesto, Calif., offers 4- and 8-inch white statues, said he expects his business to grow 200 percent to 250 percent this year over 2005. Roman Inc. of Addison, Ill., which sells four styles to stores, has seen its sales increase 33 percent this year, chief executive Dan Loughman said.

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith of Boston, which runs a small store downtown, reported no trouble getting rid of its monthly supply of 100 statues or more.

“It’s going gangbusters now,” Loughman said. “I think it’s just tough times in the real estate market that’s driving them mostly.”

Demand isn’t limited to Catholic homeowners or real estate agents.
“We look at St. Joseph as really a nondenominational saint,” Cates said. “I think that what St. Joseph is about is about wakening the hopefulness in people. That hopefulness can lead to expectations, can instill confidence. We all know that confidence has led to miracles throughout the centuries.”

John Stastny of Denton, Texas, said his Catholic faith — and faith in the St. Joseph ritual — helped him sell two homes in Colorado. He is now trying to sell his current home without a real estate agent and expects his old, white St. Joseph statue to come through again.

“I think it helps me build my confidence that I can do it, and I know I can,” he said. “If you have faith in anything, you can accomplish quite a bit.”

Homeowner Diana Grammont is not Catholic but decided to give St. Joseph a try after her friend sold a home within a week of following the ritual. Grammont and her husband buried a painted, china statue upside down in the front yard of their Lexington home, which has been on the market since the summer began.

“Who knows what will come of it? It’s worth a try,” she said. “We’re just both kind of open to possibility.”

We’ll be selling RT’s cabin soon, and you can be sure my so-far-100%-lucky St. Joseph statue will be put to use again.

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Trailer Trash Wannabe

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

RT and I are discussing selling his house, buying an RV, trailer or motor home to put on the land to live in while we build the house.  Hmmmmm.  It’ll be spring before the new house is built.  As I write this, there is a crew over there digging the 4-foot deep trenches for the water and electricity lines.

If we follow that plan, we’d put most of our stuff in yet another storage unit (that would make THREE full storage units of our stuff), take just what we need to get us until spring, and then put the motor home/RV/trailer on the land and live there while the house is being built.  That would free up the money to pay for the house rather than having to take out a loan.  And the building site is a long way off the road – at the end of a 1/3 mile winding driveway that RT built.  So there wouldn’t be any danger of neighbors complaining – because no one could see it unless they drove to the end of the driveway.

I think it could be considered an adventure since there would be definite parameters of time.  i.e. You can handle most anything as long as you know there will be an end to it.  It would be nice to be over there because it is such a beautiful place.

So today I’m looking online at campers and RVs and motor homes and trailers – and thinking about being real-life trailer trash!  Yea!

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Plan vs. Reality

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

My Plan:  Have everything unpacked and the cabin looking wonderful by this afternoon.

My Reality: There are still boxes all over the place and the bar for hanging clothes is still broken in the closet.  I need a day with about 100 hours and an unlimited supply of energy in order to finish this before I leave for Destin Saturday  morning.

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Organizing a Man’s Home

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

I’ve moved in with PawPaw, and I am in the midst of trying to organize a house that a man has lived in alone for six years.  I had to totally empty the pantry that was filled with everything from Christmas wrapping paper, an ice cream freezer, tools, insect spray, a gift box of Hickory Farms cheese/sausage (unopened with an expiration date two years old), paper cups to a bicycle helmet box (empty).  Then I took the canned and boxed food that filled the cabinets where dishes should go and put them in the pantry.  Now I can put dishes in the cabinets. 

When I put my clothes in the closet, the whole shelf assembly fell – totally ruined.  Luckily, I jumped back and it didn’t fall on my head.  It was not made to hold very much.  So I went to WalMart and bought a closet organization kit, and I’ll put that together and install it later tonight – I hope.  My one goal is that by the time PawPaw gets home tomorrow night from his business trip, I’ll have the house at least visibly clean and organized.  Right now all the boxes from my house are stacked on the tables and beds. 

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Signed, Sealed, Deposited

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

I had the house closing today and immediately deposited the check in my bank account.  The closing took about 20 minutes – I signed my name about a zillion times and then got my “proceeds” check.  It is such a freeing feeling to have that 100% behind me.  The couple who bought my townhouse are sweet – they just celebrated their 50th anniversary and are downsizing from a big house and yard.  They are so excited about living there.

Now I can turn my attention to the cabin and to the new house. And, better yet, I can stop writing about all my packing and moving woes!

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Monday, July 10th, 2006

As of 10:30 tonight, I am FINISHED with my townhouse.  It is totally emptied and cleaned and ready for the new occupants to do a walk-through tomorrow morning and then close.  By lunch, it will be a done deal!  Whew!  That’s a lot of work.  Today I’ve made numerous trips between the townhouse and the cabin.  I’ve made trips to Goodwill and the recycling place.  And I have another load in the van to take to Goodwill and the recycling place tomorrow.  And I have the aching back and aching feet to attest to how much I’ve worked and lifted today.  After tomorrow’s closing, I have to start unpacking all the stuff I moved to the cabin.  Sigh!  I think I need to go back to work so I can relax a little.

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I Made It!

Monday, July 10th, 2006

(Cheers!  Applause!)  I made it through my first night alone at the cabin (which is what I’ve decided to call it instead of “PawPaw’s house.”  It was a two-room log cabin when PawPaw bought it about 7 years ago, and he has added three bedrooms, two baths and a dining room to it.  So it’s a good size and very nice.  I will get a locksmith out here this week to fix the deadbolts.

I was so tired last night, I went right to sleep around 11:00 and hardly budged until around 6:15 this  morning.  So I’m off to finish up the last of the packing.  I WILL get it all done this morning- or at least I’ll work until around 9:30 when I leave to take my daughter to the airport.  Afterwards, I should be able to finish up everything.  Oh, you just don’t know the absolute joy and relief I will experience when I can drive away from that townhouse and know that I am completely finished with it.  Then I just have to unpack and get things settled here at the cabin.  Sigh!

One good prospect is that PawPaw has to go to Florida next week on business, and I’m going with him.  That’ll be fun – Destin, the beach, deep-sea fishing.  I can’t wait.

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Sunday Seven – I’m back!

Sunday, July 9th, 2006

1. After several days of moving, I’m blogging again. I still don’t have my computer set up because I’ve got to have time to figure out HOW to set up my computer. I think I have to get a router so I can hook into PawPaw’s DSL line. Not sure how to do that – so I’ll go to the store later this week and ask. In the meantime, I’ll use PawPaw’s computer.

2. I’ve moved everything – except part of the kitchen. Moving is the pits. I’ll get up early in the morning and head back over to my townhouse and try to finish up the kitchen. I’ve got an ENORMOUS stack of stuff to take to Goodwill, a LARGE stack of trash, and various and sundry items to either take to the storage room or bring over to PawPaw’s house.

3. PawPaw had to leave this afternoon for Texas, and he’ll be gone until Thursday evening. That means I have four night at his house (guess it’s my house now, too) by myself. Quite honestly, his house is a little spooky. No security system, no deadbolts (at least none that work), and it’s off on 5 acres by itself – set back from the road. My son had promised to loan me his dog this week, but he never showed up with him. I was actually looking forward to spending this week with Hank. At least he’d provide a little protection.

4. One good thing about PawPaw’s house is that the waterfall, hill and field behind his house can be seen from the bed. First thing this morning, PawPaw told me to look out the window. There was a buck and doe on the hillside – just walking around munching on the grass. They were beautiful, and they wandered around for a few minutes. The buck’s antlers were very velvety.

5. This afternoon when I was unloading one of three carloads of “stuff” at PawPaw’s, there was a raccoon that came out of the woods and hung around the backyard. I had to shoo him away! I think he’s used to coming up on the porch to eat the cat’s food.

6. Tomorrow my daughter has asked me to drive her to the airport. That’ll be nice because we’ll have a good time talking on the way there.

7. I saved the big news for last. PawPaw and I are officially engaged! This morning we packed a picnic breakfast of bagels, cantaloupe and coffee and took it to the building site. While there, he proposed and gave me a GORGEOUS ring. At church later we talked to the minister about doing the ceremony soon. We haven’t set a date, but it will probably be within a few weeks.

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Moving Day Has Arrived

Thursday, July 6th, 2006

It’s after midnight, and the movers will be here in less than 8 hours. I’m exhausted. My sister, Joan (Daddy’s Roses), moved last month, and she had everything ready to go three days before moving day. She said she was bored because she didn’t have anything to do those three days.

Unfortunately, I’m not like Joan. I’m NOWHERE near that far along. My daughter came over and helped me for awhile earlier this evening, but there is still so much to do.

Anyway – I probably won’t post again for a couple days. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t close on the house until Tuesday. So after the movers are finished I still have four days to finish up all the little stuff. So I’m going to take a deep breath and go to bed. I’m too tired to stay up any longer. Just think – tonight’s my last night sleeping in this townhouse. I won’t miss it for even one second.

I’ve already packed my alarm clock, and I’m afraid I’ll oversleep tomorrow morning and won’t have time to shower and dress before the movers get here.

If anybody in my family reads this, give me a call at 7:00 Central tomorrow morning to make sure I’m awake! (That’s 8:00 Eastern – for all you Georgia folks!)

Stay tuned . . .

Note: It’s 7:15 a.m. Apparently no one in my family read this – because no one called. Sure glad I didn’t depend on that! But I was up at 6:00 anyway. It’s time to unplug the computer. Knowing me, though, I’ll figure out some way to post here before more than a day or two goes by.

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